Muddyfox is one of the best brands of cycles in the whole world since 25 years. They built the first mountain bike of Europe. They are making a different kind of bikes such as Mountain, Road, Hybrid and BMX bikes.

They are also providing service and bike protection accessories. Their bikes are being used by many cyclists as well. Among all other bikes, Muddyfox Roadster 700C is a road bike, which is available in Black, Red colors and many other colors. They also produce skateboards, scooters, and footwear. They produce their bikes for every men, women, and child.

Muddyfox Roadster 700C is known to be a single speed urban bike, which you have been looking for. It has made in a simple design with good quality which guarantees you to have a fuss free drive.  Single speed gear which will help you to use your paddles as less as you could. It has got caliper brakes which allow you to stop your bike easily with confidence.

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Muddyfox Roadster 700C has a Hi-Tensile steel frame which is also a lightweight frame.  It has 700C Alloy Rims with tyres which are hard to find anywhere else. You can adjust its height the way you want. It comes with drop down style handlebars which can also be adjusted according to your own body.

The Muddyfox Roadster 700C  is made for anyone above 12 years old. This model comes in Red and Black color, both colors are equally shiny and clear.

Muddyfox presented a complete design within short budget for people who cannot afford good cycles in large budgets. As Muddyfox’s aim is to provide quality things to people within their budget, Roadster is one of their finest pieces with good budget as well


 Customer Satisfaction

Customer’s satisfaction is what helps every company to run their business, without customer every big brand is nothing but waste of money. To satisfy customers it is must to produce things which are in their budget.

Quantity is nothing if you will not have quality so the Muddyfox Roadster 700C is completely affordable and satisfying for average people living in Europe. Its prices are pretty good as compared to other companies and bikes. To keep our customers satisfy, we provide complete assurance for safety for their lives and money. In the case of any damage, we will review the damage and see what we could do for you. This cycle is totally reliable for anyone above 12 years of age.

If we will talk about good value, there are very few brands that are offering this good bike within the range of Muddyfox Roadster 700C. Most of other brands are just getting big money and giving so little to their customers with cheap design and risk, their basic aim is to make money, not to make their customers happy. This is the place where our aim is to make our customer happy and satisfied instead of confusing them.



Common Questions

There are few questions, which are asked by so many of our customer, for their ease I would like to answer those questions here so they could save some time and make some good decision.

Is the Muddyfox Roadster 700C durable?

Ans. Yes. As I told you before, this cycle is purely made with steel and can be adjusted to your own height or size, so this cycle is durable. Anyone can use it for at least more than 5 years if you know how to keep your bike good.

Is this easy to use this bike?

Ans.           This bike is made for anyone above 12 years of age, so for people who are able to ride this bike, this is so much easy and fun. They can adjust its setting according to their comfort.

What are the dimensions of the Muddyfox Roadster 700C?

Ans.           This bike weighs around 10Kg; it has 700c alloy rims with 25C Tyre. Inside leg Measurement is 28″-36″ and it has Alloy Brake Levers.


Why You Should Buy This Bike?

There are several reasons that if you are looking to buy some bike this is the best bike out in the market that you should buy. So, is this bike worth investing? Yes, It is. Let me tell you why.

  • This bike is designed in a specific way that it is so much easy to ride for any beginner.
  • It has fair size and weight, which means it is best choice to buy for any child who is above 12.
  • With front and bake brakes it is so easy to stop this cycle no matter what speed you are going, so this will help your child to stop his bike or cycle anywhere he wants with full confidence and without any fear.

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muddyfox roaster

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