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Muddyfox Reactor 200

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 Muddyfox Reactor 200

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Dual Suspension

Hydraulic Brakes

Aluminium Frame


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Brilliant Value For Money



An English Bike With Twenty Five Years Experience

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Muddyfox Reactor 200

Thinking of buying a new mountain bike, and you need more information on why you should buy the Muddyfox Reactor 200. Firstly, we will look at some of the benefits of cycling


Cycling on a regular basis improves your health: a study by YMCA found out that individuals that exercised regular had a thirty two percent higher wellbeing score. Cycling is a low form of exercise and is great for individuals that want to build up their fitness levels. Boosting your adrenalin and endorphins while you explore your local community on your Muddyfox Reactor 200 is one way of lifting your mood and has been known to help combat depression.


Losing Weight: Looking to burn off some extra calories, investing in a new mountain bike is worth some strong consideration as cycling on a regular basis will promote your weight loss. Commuting to work our new brand new Muddyfox Reactor 200 will be sure to help and save you money on parking fees and fuel costs. You may find yourself not needing your monthly gym membership.


Save Time: Cycling can dramatically save you a lot of time as commuting from A to B can sometimes be a little quicker than walking, walking to a bus and sitting on a bus or sitting in traffic. When your cycling on your Muddyfox Reactor 200 you can easily calculate the time of the route, filter through traffic and get to your destination. Furthermore, cycling is great for improving your navigational skills and regular exercise has been linked to an increased brain power.


We will now look at the main features and benefits of the Muddyfox Reactor 200.


Dual Suspension Frame: The Muddyfox Reactor 200 comes with a dual suspension. A dual suspension is brilliant for supporting the rider when travelling over different types of terrain and will boost the rider’s confidence while travelling over different types of terrain.

The Reactor 200 frame is made from aluminium and has been known to out perform steel in a lab test. Aluminium is lighter and will still give the rider plenty of stability in the event of a minor bump or scrap.


Shiamon Gears: Shimano are a well-known bike quality brand within the bike industry. The Muddyfox Reactor 200 comes will an impressive twenty-four gears. The rider will have plenty of options to match the pace of the mountain bike to the different types of terrain or weather conditions faced by the rider. Increasing the rider’s confidence as the explore their local mountain bike trails.


Hydraulic Disk Brakes: Muddyfox have designed the Muddyfox Reactor 200 with front and rear disk brakes that will help the rider to get out of any sticky situations. Situations can arise very quickly, and the Reactor 200 is equipped so the rider can react, quickly and safely. Disk brakes enable the rider to stop the bike easily as they require less strength and are beneficial on longer descents.


Maxxis Tyres & Alex Rims: Cycling on different types of terrain requires the rider to have confidence that the Muddyfox Reactor 200 has a good grip on the terrain especially in difficult riding conditions with the unpredictable British weather. The Reactor comes with a set of mountain biking tyres that will help the rider. Your Cycling buddies will be envious of your cool 26” quick release alloy wheels.


Cionlli MTB Saddle: Cycling can cause a sore bottom, however the Reactor 200 comes with a high-quality MTB saddle that will allow the rider to commute for longer. If your thinking of cycling on a regular basis it may be worth investing in a pair of padded cycling shorts.



  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 92%

”  My Son Is So Happy With His Muddyfox Reactor 200. Mountain Bike. Ruth


Customer Satisfaction

I bought the Muddyfox Reactor 200 for my son for his birthday and he is happy with it. It arrived quickly and was easy to set up. My sons use the mountain bike for exploring our local mountain bike trails and for commuting to his part time job.

He lovely how smooth the bike is, and it is great in the unpredictable British weather. A great value mountain bike that has left plenty of money in the budget to buy him a good quality helmet and a bike lock. I am so happy my son is not spending so much time on his computer and is out with his friend having fun.




Respected bike brand with 25 years’ experience

Support a British Bike Brand

Some Great Features; Alloy frame, disk brakes and MTB Tyres.

Good Quality Materials




Unfortunately, the Muddyfox Reactor is not the cheapest mountain bike on the market, however you must pay for quality. Nothing worth having can be bought cheaply.

Common Questions

Who are Muddyfox?


Muddyfox are an English bike brand with over twenty-five years’ experience in designing and manufacturing bikes. Established in Basildon Essex they pride themselves on designing bikes that are affordable, practical and good looking.


Is the Muddyfox Reactor 200 assembled?


The Reactor 200 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than twenty minutes to assemble. Once assembled it is recommended that you go on a small test run to make sure you are comfortable while riding and feel confident.


What are the main accessories for cycling?


The Reactor 200 offers brilliant value for money and should leave plenty of money left in the budget to invest in a good quality helmet, bike lock, comfortable clothing a decent quality pair of cycling shoes. You may like to visit our review on the top selling cycling accessories .


Final Verdict


We hope you have enjoyed our article on the Muddyfox Reactor 200 mountain bike and you have found it helpful and informative. The Reactor 200 offers brilliant value for money considering some of the features are only normally found in more expensive bikes.

Apart from the obvious health benefits of cycling, you could save a small fortune if you intend to use it for commuting to work. Cycling is a brilliant past time to fill your weekends with fun as you and your friends explore your local community.

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