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Do you like cycling, but you don’t have the needed shoes? Muddyfox RBS100 cycling shoes provide the best quality while wearing them and are among the best sports shoes. They are very breathable and give you comfort and freshness in the feet even if you have spent the whole day in them.

There are a lot of benefits from these shoes where you can hook the fasteners in order to have secure fit and the cushioned insole is shaped in order to provide comfort to the ankle.

The shoes have also mesh panels to the upper in order to provide breathability and airflow and keep the feet dry and fresh all the time. The exterior design is just amazing, and the combination of white, red and black color represents the male type of shoes.

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These shoes contain two hook and loop tape straps, cushioned insole that gives the comfort of the entire foot, shaped and padded ankle, breathable mesh panels and the sole and upper are made of synthetic. The inner is made of textile.


You will have a lot of benefits with the use of these shoes, since the cycling shoes are different in design and have stiffer soles than the running shoes or the trainers. They are more comfortable to do the pedaling in them and are at affordable price. They also have some small cleat into the sole which make the walking easier and fits the feet, so there is no obstacle while pedaling. You will feel secure since there is no slip out of the shoe.

Muddyfox RBS100 branding provides the needed quality requirements of the shoes and you can find the padded mesh fabric body with the strap in order to cover the knot and lace end. The heel outsole eases the walking. The mainstream size range is 41-14 and if you want to find the best price for these shoes, you will have to make some good research and discover where this brand is offering their shoes.

The Muddyfox RBS100 are intended for mounting biking, but you can also use them everywhere since are very practical and you can combine them with many outfits. The three-strap closure is suitable for long walks and spread the tension over the foot.

They are perfect for other sports activities and are very durable.


One disadvantage at these shoes might be the size that cannot be provided to every person in order to fit every fit. The number of pairs of certain sizes is limited, so you might need to order the pair if you want to get them. Another disadvantage would be that they are not coming with cleats, you have to buy the cleats separately, just the screws are in the purchase package.

Customer satisfaction

The customers are very satisfied with the Muddyfox RBS100 and in the reviews we have found that most of them talk about the endurance of the shoes. The comfort, security and fit that give the shoes cannot be compared to any other sports shoes.

Customers say that they got great value for the money and even some of them took one size up from the normal shoe size, it can still fit snugly. Some of the customers even recommend ordering 1 or 2 sizes up in order to get the best fit for your feet.

There are different colors of this brand and you can choose yellow or blue cycling shoes, depending on your preferences. The customers also say that the screws for the cleats are included in the whole package, but the cleats are not, so you need to know this when you purchase the product. None of the customers have ever returned the shoes or wrote a negative review of them.

Common questions

Common questions asked about the Muddyfox RBS100 are if the shoes are SPD shoes – and they are, so they can fit various cleats to them, if the shoes are compatible with SPD and KEO cleats – and the answer is that they are, if can be used with SPD sl cleats – they can, if the individual can fit shimano SPD cleats to the shoes and use them for spinning bikes – also that can be done.


As a conclusion we can say that Muddyfox RBS100 Cycling Shoes Breathable Cycle Bike Sport New is completely new and tested product that is already bought in many samples. People, who can recognize the quality, buy these types of shoes. The Muddyfox  RBS100.

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