This is the greatest invention in recent time for kids to cycle in a better way, with the confidence of riding a bike. This makes them learn bicycle easily with fun and with safety.

The Muddyfox Radar 20 Inch Bike for Boy’s is built in very good way. It has an excellent value. It is built with dual gear to increase dual suspension that creates more safety as this is used by kids. It weights around 14.3kgs, 13-inch frame size, 20-inch wheel size, inside leg 22-24 inch and ATB tires. Best for 8 years or more kids. Easy to assemble and lifetime guarantee.


  • Shimano equipped features.
  • Steel frame body.
  • 6 gears with Twist grip shifters.
  • Power SFT-332P gears.
  • Front V-type and rear V-type brakes.

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1) Little Stress on the Joints: These bikes lower the stress on the joints because of the less height. This doesn’t let our joints hurt much or the kids as we don’t have a raised height and that can be really safe.

2) Good balance and coordination: Unlike any other sports bike or anything the Muddyfox Radar 20 Inch Bike for Boy’s  bike helps us to balance the weight easily and helps us to coordinate with the speed correctly. It is to be chosen for what bike we should take depending on the weight of the person who will ride it. As it becomes easy to manage. The bike’s weight should be always less than the person’s weight.

 3)  Whole body exercise: These bikes provide a whole body workout, as it is bike only for the name sake but it is actually a cycle which has to be ridden. So, this ultimately helps a body to function much by paddling it and it helps a lot for children. As cycling helps children to stay healthy and even they grow better.

4) Can enjoy the nature: These bikes allow kids to enjoy nature while they are riding because of its easy manageable working. Kids don’t have to concentrate much on the riding and can enjoy their surroundings too. This help kid to grow physically as well as mentally. They can explore new places and enjoy them because of the easy management of the Muddyfox Radar 20 Inch Bike for Boy’s .

5) Skid Resistant: Due to the bikes high end and safe tires it helps kids avoid skidding even in water. These tiers are skid proof and can be managed easily when it is going to be the skid. A kid can easily manage the cycle if he feels it will skid because of the less weight of the body and build to the body.

6) Gears Support: They provided these bikes with two gear controls. This can be changed according to the speed traveled by the person. It’s easily changeable process doesn’t let the kid get panicked and even parents can be safe because of it. The kids should be thought properly about how to use the gears when needed as they won’t know it. If they are able to change the gear properly then there is nothing to worry about in their riding.

7) The guarantee provided: The muddy fox company provides a lifetime guarantee to the Muddyfox Radar 20 Inch Bike for Boy’s and this is a very special feature. As we never know what problem will occur in these bikes as it undergoes wear and tear as children use it mostly. So, this method is the coolest one a parent can ever expect, but anyways as any guarantee even they cover it only if the reason is valid enough. So we should, however, be careful.

8) Comparatively low cost: This Company provides the vehicles for comparatively low cost than the other companies which produce the same product. They even give good service and guarantee yet so cheap. They only want to give the safest output to their clients in as less amount as possible.

Let us see what customers spoke about it

  • Excellent quality.

  • Very happy easy to set up and cheap

  • Product really good value for money, but recommend u have a car outside a store to pick it up as really heavy.

Common question

  • Is the  Muddyfox Radar 20 Inch Bike for Boy’s durable? : Yes, surely the item is durable, but it all depends on how the person uses it. The bad use can surely cause damage to the product. So can’t assure as it depends on the user.


  • Is this item easy to use? : Yes, the product is absolutely easy and comfortable to use. Should be careful while selecting it to avoid any following problems. Take care of the height and weight compared to the person who uses it.


  • What are the dimensions of this Muddyfox Radar 20 Inch Bike for Boy’s ?  It weights around 14.3kgs, 13-inch frame size, 20-inch wheel size, inside leg 22-24 inch and ATB tires. Can differ too. Can select as needed.

Why should I buy the  Muddyfox Radar 20 Bike for Boy’s ?

  • Easy to use
  • Safe and durable
  • Good pricing

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