Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bike



Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bike


The Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bike Is Designed To Offer The Cyclist A Commute That They Can Remember By Muddyfox Using Only Using The Best Material And Components..

Surly Midnight Special Road Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bike


British Brand

Muddyfox Are An English Brand That Are Based In Essex And Have 25 Years Manufacturing Bikes

Designed for The Road Biking

The Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bike Has Been Designed Specifically For The Road.


Carbon Road Bike Frame

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Muddyfox Race 400 Carbon Road Bike 



Are you so much in love with road racing? How do you hope to finish your assigned road trips in due course? You can achieve this feat with the help of Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/white 700wh/59fr.

Perhaps, you need a vacation outside your country and you want to unwind by exercising your thigh muscles. Without much emphasis, it is a known fact that continuous cycling facilitates thigh fitness, and you can challenge yourself into breaking new grounds by breaking your own road trip record. You can become the next road trip champion as long as you are able to use the best gadget to support your



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox 400 Carbon Road Bike

You cannot expect anything less from this product, as it has one of the best features which can help you complete long road courses. In the area of pedal use, especially, you rest assured that your extensive road trip cannot come to end far too easily. The reason is that the pedals have stripes with which you can attach your shoes as you swing your leg into action. You can go as far as cycling for over an hour with missing your foot on the pedals.

Also, you can expect this product to have a compact Alloy chainset. This means that you can adjust the tightness of the pedal to soothe your taste. Sometimes the long distance race may wary your legs and you need to allow your legs rest a bit. You have the option of readjusting the chain set into a preferred pressure state to keep you in the long distance race while you are recuperating your weak calves.

Moreover, the Muddyfox Race 400 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/white 700wh/59fr has reflectors which can help bounce off light for riders to be noticed by automobile users on the road. Therefore, you rest assured that your road touring exercise will not catch other road users unawares when they see you cycling excitedly on the road.

  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 95%

”  There Are Many Road Bikes On The Market, The Muddyfox Rae 400 Carbon Road Bike Offers Great Value At The Fraction Of The Cost.” Jeremy

Customer Satisfaction

Since you will be spending the better part of your time on the road, you need a product that can provide you comfort. You may find it difficult to maintain a single position while biking on the road for long hours, owing to the energy needed to drive yourself. Interestingly, this product has handlebar features that are in three or more variances. You can bend while cycling or you can stand straight. You have the liberty to change positions as many times as you would like.

Moreover, the Muddyfox Race400 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/white 700wh/59fr has Alloy caliper brakes that ensure that you have a remarkable  grip on your bike in the course of cycling down the highway.

More importantly, you can work with speed concerning this product. The reason is that the 20 speed Shimano Tiagra 4600 gear allows bikers to adjust their speeding rate, depending on the distance they need to cover. So, you can expect to reserve some energy whenever you are on course in completing your road trip.

You can expect this product to be of help to you when you decide to continue your road trip in the night.

Finally, you can expect to trust this product because of the quick release Alloy wheels. As a matter of fact, you can set off to have a smooth ride on the road because the wheels are designed in a way to assist bikers to have an effortless journey while keeping a close eye on finishing the road trip.


Common Questions

What is the use of the rigid front forks?

The reason why this product is made in this manner is to help bikers stay focus on long distance trips. Sometimes, your hands can become quite rigid, owing to maintaining a position for many hours. In order to relieve you of the stress, you can expect to get assistance from this product, because of the unique function of the rigid front forks.

What is the function of the handlebar stem?

This compartment is designed to help riders have a firm grip of their bikes while maintaining a single position on the road.

Advice for using for Muddyfox Race400 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/White 700wh/59fr

You should check on the brakes, before starting your road trip. You wouldn’t want to get involved in an accident because your brakes failed to give your tires a firm grip when you needed to stop at a crucial time.


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  • If you are looking for a product that can support your dream of engaging in the road trip, this is what you should opt for. You can adjust the gear to speed up your journey in order to cover for some lost time.
  • The handlebars can provide a comforting experience for you as you cycle your way over long distant journeys.
  • There are two firmly fixed Tiagra front and rear Alloy caliper brakes which give you the balance you need to control the high speed of this product.