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 Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike


Its A Special Time When Your Buying Your Princess’s First Mountain Bike.

 Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike




Amazing 20″ Alloy Wheels

Front & Rear V Brakes

Steel Frame



The Muddyfox Quest Is Designed For A Little Girl?

Muddyfox Have Designed The Muddyfox Quest Specifically For a Girl.


Who Are Muddyfox?

Muddyfox Are An English Bike Brand With An Impressive 25 Years In The Bike Industry




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Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike is a marvelous off-road specially designed for girls within the age of 8-11 years. Do you want your daughter to roll up in style? This bike is the ideal pick.


This mountain bike adheres to the highest standard of manufacturing and is suitable for your school going, daughter. It is also ideal for your daughter for off-road racing through the park during weekends.


You may want to surprise your little one with this exciting bike that is finished in Hi Viz Yellow and pink. Below are some of the Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike features.

Main Benefits

The Main benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike comes with a rigid steel frame of 13 inches particularly engineered to deal with off-road terrain. This 10-inch steel frame is advantageous and especially comes in handy on the wet and muddy terrain.

This amazing off-road mountain bike also features a 6-speed gearing system with Shimano Revoshifters.

This feature assures young girls of a comfortable and easy cycling experience. This bike’s dual V-braking system appearing in the front and back give it powerful stopping abilities. Your daughter’s safety is assured with this braking system.

You can rest knowing that with such a braking system, numerous accidents are avoidable. The young girl has an option to use either the front or the back brake.

This great mountain bike designed especially for young girls, packs front suspension that enables it to resist the toughest terrain the land had to offer. This amazing bike also comes with lightweight alloy wheels 20-inch in size.

In addition to this, great bike packs 1.90-inch off-road ATB tread tires. This means that this bike comfortably handles both flat surfaces and slopes. The tires give it an amazing grip of the road and as such, the bike assures the young girl of a stable and safe ride.

The Muddyfox Quest 20” Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike also comes with a weather resistant vinyl saddle. Therefore, this durability feature ensures that even in wet or hot conditions, the saddle remains intact.

The saddle and handlebar are further adjustable and this means that the size of your 8-year-old daughter is immaterial. You may adjust the handlebar and saddle to accommodate the size of your daughter.

This bike comes with a leg size of between 24 to 29 inches. Hence, as long as your daughter’s height of leg falls within this bike’s range, it is a suitable choice for the young girl.

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  • Value for money – 95%
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”  Its My Little Girls Birthday Next Month & The Muddyfox Quest Will Suit Her Perfectly.” Paul

Customer Satisfaction

Altogether, the Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike is a lovely mountain bike. Its design and build give it a more mature look compared to other bikes. The color is also a girlish one, and this enhances the fact that is a girls’ bike.


The Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike is suitable for girls as young as 8 years. Is your daughter about 125 centimeters? Not to worry. This bike is suitable for such a height. Overall, the bike perfectly suits young girls

Common Questions

Will my small eight-year-old daughter fit on this bike?

Yes, she will. This bike is perfectly designed for young ones between the ages of between 8-12 years. Additionally, the Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike has features such as adjustable saddle and handlebars, 13-inch frame size and 24-29 inch leg size. All these features provide a design that adjusts to the sizes of girls within that age bracket.

Is the bike safe for my young daughter?

Yes, it is. The Muddyfox Quest 20 Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike comes with features such as a powerful brake system that ensure your daughter can apply them in case of anything. Also, it is made of steel to ensure strength and endurance against physical damage. Its off-road ATB tires further provide a sound grip on the road to secure your daughter from falling.

Will my daughter outgrow the bike?

Definitely not for another 3 or 4 years. This bike is designed for girls within the 8-12 age bracket. As such, as long as your daughter falls within this bracket, she still has a few years to use the bike.

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For a bike that incorporates so many exciting features, it comes at a very affordable price.


With a pink and yellow color, it is a great looking mountain bike for your young daughter.


Being a bike specifically designed for girls below the age of 12, you do not have a problem picking a birthday present for your niece or granddaughter.