Riding a bicycle is one of the most enjoyable experiences for many girls. Being able to sit alone on the bike gives an indescribable feeling of freedom and independence. If the next generation is to be used for cycling, there are plenty of age-appropriate models for each phase that ensure early lifelong learning and success. Especially for the girls, bikes from 12 to 24 inches, as well as 26-inch wheels for young girls, are suitable.

The design of the girls’ Mountain bikes like the little ones, the stability of the big ones: With this extremely robust frame it is also possible to walk over the floor and the stone and the girls’ bike can fall down without the frame damage.

The chain of the bicycle is completely covered by the large chain box so that the skirt cannot get caught in it. The smooth-running pedals of robust have reflectors and a profile against slipping off the shoes. The girls’ bicycle is controlled by means of a back-pedal brake and the girl-sized large brake levers for the front wheel brake.

When the girls get their first mountain bike, the excitement is great not only for the offspring. Mum and Dad are eagerly planning the first joint MTB tour with the mini-racer before they can go straight for the first five meters. For your child to have fun, she needs the right bike, because on the wrong wheel, learning and driving are difficult and the pass is suffering. The family trips to the forest have the potential to turn the girls into small mountain bikers.

Children under the supervision of parents can improve their abilities on the mountain bike. And above all, have lots of fun. Mountain bike sport has experienced a rapid development in recent years. The professional scene has established itself more quickly than expected and many recreational athletes are increasingly climbing mountain bikes.

Safety should be the first priority for children and youth girls’ bicycles. Above all, children who do not have much experience in cycling should drive a children’s bike, which slowly leads them to drive without support wheels and on a real bike. For the girls and teenagers, there are many different bike models.

For the little ones, a learning wheel is particularly practical to learn about cycling. Later on, a pediatric bicycle with supporting wheels can be easily removed. Young people can start with a youth bike right, whether you are just going to school or sprinting through the terrain.

In the following section we will review Muddyfox Phoenix 24″ Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike:

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Muddyfox Phoenix 24″ Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is designed with 24” Alloy steel framed wheels

– It has 18 gears with Revoshift shifters for easy to ride.

– It is specially designed with V-type brakes on both the sides. Front and Rear

– It is suitable for ages 9 years and over

– 17-inch frames size and 24 inches of wheel size

– It is designed with full suspension for easy and smooth riding experience in all types of terrains.

– Comes with attractive Pink and White color for your style statement.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customers have loved Muddyfox Phoenix 24″ Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike and they liked all the features and performance. Many customers experienced the super smooth ride with this model

Common Questions:

  1. How many speed gears in this bike

– There are 18-speed gears

  1. What is the total weight of this Mountain Bike?

– Total weight of this bike is 15 Kgs. after fully assembling.

  1. Is assembly required professionals?

– No, it is very easy to assemble and you can do it at your home.

  1. This bike model is suitable for which age?

– It is suitable for ages 9 years and over

  1. What are the accessories included?

– Multi Assemble Tools and User Manual

  1. What is the wheel size of this Mountain Bike?

– 24 inches

  1. Is this item durable?

– Yes it is durable and light weight



  • Maximum Stopping Safety:

Muddyfox Phoenix 24″ Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is specially designed for the professional entry level riders. And it has V-Brakes on both sides’ rear and front for maximum stopping safety.

  • Super Control and Performance:

This mountain bike 24” alloy wheels with the high quality of frames that ensures super control while riding. In addition, it is designed with 18 gears with Revoshift shifters for super performance.

  • Easy Assembly:

Muddyfox Phoenix 24″ Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike comes with the parts which you need to assemble at home, it is very easy to assemble and the user manual is also provided so you don’t need to take it to the professional for assembling the parts.

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