Considering buying your boy that dream bike? The Muddyfox Outlaw 20 Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike is the desired choice. Specially designed for little, this bike is a perfect choice.


The Muddyfox Outlaw 20 Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike is built for leisure riding and off-road trails. It comes in colors of blue mostly, which is a very masculine color. This bike is especially suitable for boys between 8 and 12 years.


Considering the attractive boyish color, it promises a memorable experience for your little boy.

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The Muddyfox Outlaw 20 Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike comes with 6 speed Shimano gearing that enables you to simply and quickly change gears.

This gearing system also allows shifting into lower gears during a climb and into lower ones when fast riding. Ease and comfort are assured with this gear system.

The bike also comes with 20-inch alloy lightweight wheels, a framed front suspension, and alloy rims. This solid combination guarantees you a smooth ride in whatever terrain you ride.

The Muddyfox Outlaw 20 Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike is further equipped with V-type brakes. The power brakes are dual, meaning that they are in the front and back.

This enables great stopping power and provides the little boy with a choice on which break to use. Even in wet and muddy conditions, the V brakes allow you to break.

This bike employs a sturdy build with a steel fork and a steel frame of 14 inches. This provides the recreational rider with a perfect choice.

In addition, this bike is equipped with front suspension, and this absorbs even the roughest terrain. Its off-road ATB tread tires ensure enhanced grip on the road and stability when riding.

The bike’s pink and black finishing provides a nice look for young boys. This mountain bike has a height of 70 centimeters and a weight of 13 kilograms.

This means that although the bike is relatively heavy to carry, a boy with a height of approximately 100 centimeters can ride.

Customer Satisfaction


The Muddyfox Outlaw 20″ Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike is generally a nice bike suitable for boys between the ages of 8 and 12.


A birthday present that they will have endless hours of fun with


Muddyfox are a well known brand that make good quality children bikes.


Common Questions


Will my 8-year-old son be able to ride it?

Yes, she will. This Muddyfox Outlaw 20 Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike is specifically designed for boys of 8-12 years.

Is the Muddyfox Outlaw a durable bike?

Muddyfox are a well known brand within the bike industry of making good quality child bikes.  There primal focus is putting the customer first and using good quality materials.

Does the bike come assembled?

The Muddyfox Outlaw comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 25 minutes. There is a detail instruction manuel that you will find very helpful. Do make sure you keep it as it may become useful in the future.

Who is Muddyfox ?

Muddyfox have over twenty five years experience in manufacturing good quality bikes.

Advice Using Muddyfox Outlaw 20″ Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike


If your not used to assembling bikes, it may be worth getting a second pair of hands. Once you have assembled your bike its always a good idea to go on a test run so that you and the child are happy with the bike.

. A good habit to get into is t do the ABC check. Check the air in the tires, the brakes are working correctly and the chain is oiled

Spend some time with your child to make sure both you and your child are confident that they aware of the dangers of the road and how to ride safely. Stop bike theft with our bike security guide.


Buying your childs first bike is an exciting time. If you wont a bike that offers great value and has been manufactured by a well known bike brand, the look no further. The Muddyfox Outlaw 20″ Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike offers many features that only normally found in more expensive bikes.

The Muddyfox Outlaw 20″ Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike is specially made for boys within the age of 8 and above. Therefore, in case you are looking to buy your little boy a bike for his birthday, this is a perfect choice.


The bike has a cool look considering the boyish colors. Blue is a great masculine color that will definitely impress your little boy.


The Muddyfox Outlaw 20″ Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike has numerous impressive features. In addition, it is the bike of choice in case you want a bike that can handle tough terrain.


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