So you are looking for a lady’s or woman’s bike that is fit for you to enjoy your leisure and tackling the trails, I hope you might want to consider a hardtail bicycle.

However, you could not go for just any hardtail bike because there many factors you must consider in order to make a good choice. Muddyfox new ladies/womens black life 18 speed hardtail bicycle is a hardtail bike with outstanding features that will give you so memorable experience that you will always love spending your every leisure with it.


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Muddyfox new ladies/womens black life 18 speed hardtail bicycle has remarkable features and designs that make it Ideal for women or ladies. It comes with 18-speed gearing system with Shimano Revo Shift which is simple to operate.

You can shift gears in the rear or front by twisting the barrel up or down which increases efficiency, even while you are riding faster. The gear feature makes the bike easy and comfortable to ride.

The bike features 26″ alloy wheels with 15″ rigid steel frames and semi slick tires that provide efficient power, even in wet conditions, such that it makes ridding through a muddy terrain convenient.

The bike comes with versatile suspension forks with dynamic movements that help in absorbing the jarring impacts of rough terrain giving the rider a more comfortable smooth ride.

In addition, the suspension forks acts as a shock absorber underneath the seat allowing rear wheel travel. There are V-brake systems at the front and rear; the V-brakes are light in weight and they are easy to use with enhanced braking power and progressiveness.

The bike also features Grip shifters which are lightweight, faster, and simple to operate.

The Grip shifter is conveniently compatible with the Shimano Revo Shift gearing system providing the bicycle with an excellent effectiveness.

In addition, the Grip shifter is more resistant to shocks because they are optimally positioned on to the handlebar. The pedal and the gearing systems are soft and smooth for women to operate.

Customer Satisfaction


Muddyfox new ladies/womens black life 18 speed hardtail bicycle has a perfect design that makes it fit and comfortable for women to ride at leisure.

In addition to the fact that it is easy to assemble, it has a firm but lightweight build that makes it durable and portable. Its height with the seat level and the pedal position makes it a perfect ladies bike.


Common questions


Is it a perfect match for ladies and women?

Of course, Muddyfox new ladies/womens black life 18 speed hardtail bicycle is designed for women. If you examine the height, the sit level and the pedal position, you will observe that women were taken into consideration in the design.

Is it an easy and comfortable ride?

Yes, considering its features, you will observe that every part of it is carefully designed to ensure that the rider experiences a remarkably comfortable ride. The crank/pedal, brake, chain, and gearing systems are carefully designed to ensure comfort.

Is the bike convenient to ride?

When it comes to convenience, the ride is outstanding as it comes with rigid and firm design; in addition, its lightweight makes it portable and easy to store. The position of the front set relative to the saddle area of the bike makes it more convenient for ladies.

If some parts are missing on delivery of the bike, then what happens?

It is rare that a delivery has any missing parts but this cannot be overruled. Nevertheless, if there are any missing parts, this is not a serious issue as you can simply handle the situation by informing the delivery team on phone or contacting the main desk. There are professional services designated to fix such issues; and in no time, they will reach you to make the required rectifications.

Is there any advice or cautions using the Bike?

Though the ride is a perfect, rugged and durable bike yet there are necessary precautionary measures. The first measure is to check all its parts on delivery to be sure that they are complete and perfectly fitted; in addition, you keep running the same check anytime you are taking it out for a ride.

Some of the major parts you have to be running regular check on are the brake, pedals, chain and the tyres. In case there are issues that you cannot handle, call for a professional service. Read our review of Kryptonite bike locks.






  • Compared to other ladies/women bikes, it has a charming look and design that is perfect and convenient for women to ride.


  • Considering its remarkable and all great features as well as its comfortable and befitting features, it surely goes for its price.


  • Muddyfox new ladies/womens black life 18 speed hardtail bicycle is explicitly made for ladies, so any ladies/women will find it a pleasant ride.


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