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Muddyfox Mountain Bike

The muddyfox mountain bike is an adult bike suitable for both leisure cycling and terrain riding. The mountain bike is specifically designed for gentlemen and incorporates numerous advantageous features. Its black and white finishing is cool and non-screaming, hence, a perfect color for the male gender.

The bike is made of steel and is suitable for the roughest terrain. Are you a male adult looking to get yourself a bike for morning and evening rides, or for mountain challenges? Look no further. This bike will perfectly suit these needs.

Features & Benefits

The muddyfox mountain bike is equipped with an 18-speed gearing system. It also boasts of a Shimano Revoshift. This combination allows for riders to enjoy comfort while cycling. The Revoshift also offers ease in cycling.

This mountain bike has Power Dual V-brakes on the front and rear, and this affords riders with efficient stopping power. Even with muddy and wet conditions, the V-brakes in the front and rear allow for good braking power. In addition, this bike packs a front suspension type. This enables the bike to withstand and cope with the toughest and roughest terrains.

With a 19-inch rigid still frame, this bike is big enough for any adult male. This mountain bike has a high tensile steel fork, which provides it with tremendous durability and strength. Its black alloy wheels are 26 inches in size and its off-road tires are ATB tread. The combination of the tire features enhances the grip of the bike on the road and greater stability. You may like to read our article on the are muddyfox bikes any good?

The muddyfox mountain bike has a black and white finishing. This is an excellent dormant colour, which is suitable for the male gender. Its colour also exudes a mature vibe since it does not scream. Among the other beneficial features of this bike include a weather resistant vinyl saddle, which is good for rainy weather. The bike also incorporates a chain guard, and this offers protection to your chain. This bike is 17 kilograms in weight and, as such, is easily carriable over short distances

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  • value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I Cant Wait To Take My Brand New Muddyfox Mountain Bike Across The Yorkshire Dales.” Stanley

Customer Satisfaction

The muddyfox mountain bike is a formidable and durable bike. It is well suited for male adults above 18. It has excellent attributes and all its components fit in together perfectly. It is relatively easy to assemble and may take you just a few minutes to be ready for use. Owing to its steel and sturdy build, any adult male can use it for not less than five years.




One of the difficult factors for beginners to understand is how and when to change gears. With this bike, use the high gear for hilly or climbing terrain and use the low gear for slopping or smooth terrain. In case you miscalculate or misjudge the correct gear, do not panic

. Simply try pedalling softly. This relieves the chain of tension thereby allowing easy movement of the derailleur. Furthermore, as a necessary precaution to avoid unnecessary accidents, ensure that all parts are rightly in place. Also, make sure the tires have the correct amount of air and that they are not punctured. You are ready to go.


Final Comments


The muddyfox mountain bike is particularly designed for adult males. As such, it is an ideal choice for ladies who would want to surprise their men with bike gifts. It has a nice simple design, mature look, and cool colour. It has many excellent features and promises a good cycling experience.

Common Questions

Is the muddyfox mountain bike durable?

Yes, quite durable. With features such as high tensile steel fork and a rigid steel frame, this mountain bike is quite strong. Additionally, the alloy wheels and front suspension make the bike more capable of handling difficult terrain. The overall make of this mountain bike is to provide durability and long-term usage.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is. During delivery, this mountain bike, like any other quality product, comes with a user manual. The manual explains in simple language and in detail how to assemble the product. It also provides the reader with more useful information on how to use the mountain bike.

In addition to this, the bike just by viewing, is quite simply made and does not have a complicated design. In the unlikely event, you find problems using this bike, you are free to contact customer support for more assistance.

Could you provide the dimensions of this muddyfox mountain bike?

Yes. This mountain bike has a 19-inch frame size and a leg size of between 29 to 31 inches. Furthermore, its wheel size is 26 inches, and its handlebars are 580 millimetres of ATB steel. This dimensions are quite ample and cover a wide variety of different-sized men. Any average-sized male adult, therefore is capable of using this mountain bike


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