Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle

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Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle

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English Brand From Basildon In Essex With Over 25 Years In The Bike Industry.


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Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle Review

Are you looking for a bike that can withstand any condition the universe gives? Then you have definitely found it. The Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle is an all-weather bike built for the tastes of most men cyclists.


here are the features Of The Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle


This Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle is equipped 700C Double walled alloy wheels that can withstand rough terrain as well as muddy surfaces. The 22” frame makes it ideal for maneuvering through rough terrain trails as well as city packed traffic. Its alloy touring frame is built ideal for fast cycling and flexible turning. This facilitates a smoother ride as you tackle traffic or discover some secret trails.

It is built with 21 speed Shimano Altus gears with Shimano Altus E-Z Fire Shifters that are extremely convenient when cycling with varying speeds. The bike is also built with Alloy Adjustable Handlebar Stem that will make it easy to customize your smooth ride. Its similarly alloy Rigid Front Forks hold the bike in place for better stability and less vibration especially when going on rough terrain. It also has front and rear mudguards that would be really advantageous in winter as well as when going through muddy terrain.

The Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle back swept handlebars are perfect for keeping the rider straight and the center of gravity keeps right over their seat. This gives you a great sense of control over the bike and shoots an amazing experience. Integrated with a high quality Suntour XCE chainset, the bike provides smooth cycling even at high speed.

The Promax Front and Rear Alloy V-Brakes in the bike make it super convenient to brake. These were built for the free-spirited risk takers. These brakes work efficiently even on abrupt halts from earlier high speed.

With 700 x 38C touring tires the bike maintains efficient performance all year. They also play a big role in preventing skidding. The alloy pannier rack is strong and durable for carrying lightweight stuff. When going for a long ride you might get a lot sweaty with your backpack on and worse of it all achieve sore shoulders. You wouldn’t want that so this strong pannier rack will be serving a purpose for long due to its durability.

A kickstand should be strong and flexible, right? This bike is equipped with a strong Alloy Kickstand that should serve you for the rest of the bike livelihood. In addition to that, the bike is also designed to come with a high quality Selle Royal Gel Comfort Saddle in either 19″ or 22″ frame sizes, whatever suits you needs. This makes your ride super easy when tackling trails, traffic and particularly narrow passages.

  • Features – 87%
  • Value for money – 82%
  • Build Quality – 89%

” I Absolutely Love Cycling Around My Local Park On My Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bike. Its A Dream.” Simon

Customer Satisfaction

The Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 is one of the best bikes for men cyclists. Its robust appearance and structure make it ideal for every confident man. What of the adventure junkies? This bike would be the perfect fit for them. They can ride to rough trained trails that many aren’t willing to reach. The bike will be a flexible companion, taking him where his vision is.

The Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle is super easy to assemble and use as many parts come separate. The user would not have a hard time doing it with the existing manual and the simple nature of the bike itself. However, it will be best if you let a bicycle assembling pro do it for you. After assembling, you can start experiencing memorable cycling and increasing confidence.

Common Questions

Can my 16year old son ride this bike?

Yes. Anyone from 12 years and above can ride this bike. The dimensions will be convenient for the age and conventional weight.

Why should I hire a pro to assemble my bicycle?

It is recommended that you hire a pro to assemble your bike parts. Why?

When you get the bike parts, you could read the instructions and misunderstand them or misinterpret them. This will stress you when you try figuring out how you can set it up. You could also set it up inefficiently hence causing trouble later on.

However, when you hire a pro, they can do the work for you fast. In addition to saving time, at least they know what they are doing hence the efficiency. It doesn’t cost much to have a pro assemble your bicycle. It is far much less than your bike’s worth

What if some parts are missing upon delivery?

You’ll contact the delivery team first because they might have left it out. If they didn’t then you’ll contact the support desk so they can fix that. This is a normal issue that is fixed by professionals and your missing bicycle parts will arrive sooner than you expected

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-This is a very cheap bike bearing in mind its qualities.

-The Muddyfox Mens Voyager 200 Bicycle structure is perfect for many tastes and preferences of men cyclists.

-The strong alloy making of almost every of this bike’s parts makes it durable.