If you are a cycling fun, you clearly understand the importance of having the right shoes for the job. The feel of having good shoes does not only make cycling time worth every minute.

your feet also have the joy of enjoying the ride as the muddyfox mens TRI carbon cycling hook and loop shoes are quite comfy and favorable for the exercise. From the look of the shoes, you can tell that these cycling shoes are a must have in your shoe collection

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The first feature your eyes will land on the shoes is the hook and loop tape fastener which makes them easier to wear. Needless say, they make the shoe convenient for cycling as one doesn’t have to worry about the fastener coming lose and getting caught up in the bicycle which can cause a havoc if it gets caught in the bicycle rim.

This shoes have also been made with mesh panels and ventilated carbon fiber sole that enhances performances and maximum breathing for your foot. Your foot needs the best care while cycling and this involves clean and fresh air as well.

These two features on this muddyfox cycling shoes allows your foot to properly breathe and keeps it cool especially during intensive cycling practice.

There is nothing as painful as having a sore ankle caused by a shoe. To ensure that your heels are in good care, the muddyfox mens TRI carbon cycling hook and loop shoes have been designed with a cushioned ankle collar that protects your ankle.

If you love shaped heels, this cycling shoes are the best. The heel gives your foot a perfect lift and fit for your heel. The most important thing when cycling is having shoes that perfectly fit your foot and offers comfort.

In addition to that, the muddyfox cycling shoes have a pull tab to heel that hugs your heel offering it security and at the same time, you don’t feel that squashy feeling some shoes give when worn.

Customer Satisfaction

People who have had the privilege of using the muddyfox mens TRI carbon cycling hook and loop shoes, they can attest to the greatness of this cycling shoes.

The fact that they don’t have a lace closure system and they are comfortable, it only adds to the value a customer can attach to it. Comparing cycling performance when wearing this shoes and sneakers, they offer so much convenience and one can easily cycle for long without experiencing feet problems at any one point.

The color combination for the shoes are great and it is appealing to the eyes. Needless say the design is great and real comfortable when cycling.

Common questions

Are the shoes laced or rip-and-stick straps?

The shoes have a rip-and-stick strap closure which are fast to fasten and in muddy situation, they still work well and they hardly go lose. They will securely remain on and you don’t have to worry about keeping a close eye on your cycling shoes so that they don’t come off.

Do they have a light or heavier sole?

They are more of a lightweight shoe that offers feather weight performance, meaning they are great for the road. Just like any other cycling shoes you know of, this muddyfox mens cycling shoes also come with the lightweight construction which allows you to transfer energy effectively to the pedals.

What difference does it make using this cycling shoes to normal shoes?

Cycling shoes have been specifically made for cycling and they have special features that enhance your performance. In addition to that, they secure your foot on the pedal which makes it easier to cycle and your feet don’t slide off easily from the pedal. Normal shoes barely offer anything close to these advantages and they are not comfortable for cycling at all.

Advice using muddyfox mens TRI carbon cycling hook and loop

As much as the cycling shoes offer security while cycling, it is important not to lose track and get lost in the cycling. Keep your eyes on the road but don’t forget to feel your feet from time to time to ensure that all is running smoothly. In addition to that, it is important to be alert especially in muddy fields. Everyone falls and you are not an exception.

However, enjoy the freedom of cycling with the muddyfox mens TRI hook and loop cycling shoes and you will love the experience.


The muddyfox mens TRI carbon cycling hook and loop shoes is a perfectly fitting shoes that offers convenience and comfortably. Cycling long distances requires you to have shoes that will do great service to your feet and keep you going for long without experiencing any shoe problems.

Here are the reasons why you should consider buying this cycling shoes:

  • They are lightweight which means they won’t be heavy on your feet and you can cycle with ease even over long distances.
  • Even in muddy fields, the TRI carbon cycling shoes still perform to their level best offering you flexibility that you cannot find on any other shoes.
  • The cycling shoes are a great buy for the money.


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