Having the right pair of shoes for the occasion is essential for people who are seriously into bicycles and cycling is their passion.
There are plenty of great shoes out there that are a perfect fit for bicycle cycling and one of them is the muddyfox mens RBS carbon cycling shoes.

The best thing about any cycling shoes is that they offer your feet the freshness they need at all times and they allow for easier movements while cycling

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The cycling shoes have a fastlock quicklace system which you can easily make adjustments to fit on your foot and reduce the chances of the coming off easily. In addition to that, the fastlock quicklace system enables you to save ample time when putting them on.

If you love comfortability, then the muddyfox mens RBS carbon cycling shoes are your go to. They have a shaped and cushion heel that lets you enjoy the comfort of great shoes when on your bike.  It is important that you enjoy every second you are cycling and at the same time your feet be in safe shoes that offer protection from harm.

Another great feature of these cool cycling shoes is the mesh panels to upper which enhances breathability. Your feet need as much aeration as possible to ensure that you can cycle for as long as you can without experiencing too much heat. Honestly speaking, smelly and sweaty feet are not fun at all especially if you are cycling over a long distance. They make you feel discomfort and it will affect your cycling in one way or the other.

The RBS carbon cycling shoes also have a ventilated carbon fiber soleplate that offers dedicated performance and you can cycle for hours. The main aim of having cycling shoes is to enhance performance. Other features are to boost performance but the ventilated carbon fiber soleplate is the greatest of them all as it betters your cycling experience and you get to have a good time.

Customer satisfaction

The muddyfox mens RBS carbon cycling shoes are as soft as butter and offer high level comfort. Their design is unique and simple at the same time but they offer great cycling experience. It is very rare to find a shoe that is light and strong at the same time but this RBS carbon cycling shoes, they do offer both features in one compact shoe.

The shoes are also comfortable to wear and cycle with and they offer a perfect fit for ones feet. The shoes fell short though on quality but if you misuse them, then it increases the chance for wear and tear. The shoes are also highly stable and the cleat system uniformly distributes energy on the pedal while offering security at the same time.

Common questions

What pedal compatibility does the shoe use?

They offer a 3-hole cleat system which means you need to find a bicycle with a pedal compatible with the shoe. If you use a non-clipless pedal, they won’t offer a great feel as you would enjoy with a compatible pedal because they have not been designed for use with pedals that match up to their cleat system.

What is the essence of a carbon soleplate?

The carbon in the soleplate is essential in making the shoe lighter and offering your flexibility while cycling. Apart from making the shoe lightweight, they make the shoe firmer thus allowing you to cycle with ease and you can customize it to your liking.

How comfortable are the shoes?

They are very comfortable. The materials used are soft and the various features it has been made with only enhance how comfortable your feet will feel when cycling. The make of the shoe allows you to transfer maximum energy with ease and it never feels like you are working off your feet while pedaling.

Advice using muddyfox mens RBS carbon cycling shoes

When using the muddyfox RBS cycling shoes it is important to take good care of them. If you are not careful when cycling and use too much force than the shoes can handle, they may fall apart on you and loosen the cleat fixing points. This can cause huge problems for you as you may topple over the bicycle and injure yourself.


The muddyfox mens RBS carbon cycling shoes are great cycling shoes to own. In addition to their wide features that will offer you great cycling experience, you should consider purchasing them because:

    • They perfectly fit and offer your feet security from harm and keep them in good shape even over long distances. Needless say, they are light weight which means you won’t feel like you have a load on your feet.
  • Just like other cycling shoes, they firmly fasten to the pedal allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride with your feet intact. In case of a fall, your feet are less likely to be wounded.
  • The muddyfox mens shoes are available in three different colors i.e. white, black and red which means you can chose the color that favors you most.

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