Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket


Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket


Muddyfox Are An English Brand With  Over 25 Years Experience Within The Bike Industry And Are Known For Designing Quality Cycling Jackets.

Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket


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The Muddyfox Brand Was Established In Basildon Essex In 1985


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Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket



Are you a fitness junkie? Does rain and wind not bother you? Then, don’t you want a jacket that shares the same feelings? Your search for such a jacket stops here.

The Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket is the right choice for the unsettling soul in you. It is waterproof and equipped with top-notch features to ensure nothing stops you. Rain or shine, get out there and quench your thirst for adrenaline with the Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket
The Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket comes with bright, bold colouring, so you will always be visible to others, even if it is foggy or late at dusk. It also has a scooped back hem, which is longer to provide complete coverage of your back, even when you bend down to ride your bicycle.

The cuffs are elasticated and give a streamlined look and feel when you are gushing through the wind. You might think that with all these features, the jacket might feel heavy, but no. This is a lightweight jacket that comes with a full waterproof construction. So, there is no compromise on quality or weight.

Adding to the usability, we have fitted a zipped pocket in the back. It streamlines with the shape of the jacket and doesn’t stand out. If you want to keep your phone or even the key to your house, this pocket is incredibly useful.

The high-necked coverage ensures you are fully covered, along with the full size front zip. It uses a silicone gripped hem for versatility and quality. This provides fully secure and sealed fit.

Since the jacket is primarily nylon, this type of fabric adds a lot of advantages to the clothing. Nylon, as you might know, is lightweight and waterproof. It resists any type of shrinking and can be washed easily. It is also easy on the skin, so you don’t have any itchy feeling when you put on your Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket.

This jacket can be used for so many activities. Be it hiking in the mountains nearby, cycling around the city during the rain or even jogging on a drizzling morning, this jacket is the perfect companion. You will never regret buying your Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket.


  • Features -95%
  • Value for money – 88%
  • Build Quality – 87%
” My Husband Loves His Cycling And He Would Love The Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket.” Sally

Customer Satisfaction

The Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket is available in so many sizes, so there is one for each of you. Everything that the jacket has to offer is a step above any other jacket you can possibly imagine. It supports so many activities and has a lot to offer. Gifting your loved ones a Muddyfox Jacket is a great sign of love and an encouragement to let them never settle for less.


Advice for using Muddyfox Men’s Pure Waterproof Jacket


Before you use your jacket, ensure it is delivered in good condition, it usually is. Ensure the fit. Although nylon does not require much care, caring for your waterproof jacket will help it stay usable long enough. Wash it in the lowest setting and iron it only with the coldest setting. That is all it takes.


Common Questions

How will I know what size to get?

Our jackets are tailored according to the normal measurements of each size. If you usually wear an L-size t-shirt, an L sized jacket will fit you like a custom-tailored tuxedo. If you are still doubtful, there is a size guide on our website that will come handy. You can measure your shoulder width and buy the size that meets the requirements.

What are the types of activity that I can use this jacket for?

Our jackets are made to satisfy a whole lot of requirements in one package. You can use them for jogging, running, cycling and even hiking. It is a great piece of clothing that helps you complete your activities even when it is drizzling or raining. Our jackets are designed so well, you can even use them as outerwear. You can throw them on above your t-shirt and give an easy-going vibe to your everyday clothes.

What can I do if my product is damaged?

We strive for greatness. Almost all the products that we deliver are received in great quality, but sometimes, a bad product might sneak in. During unfortunate events like this, you can return the product to us through post and get an exchange of the same product, only with the normal great quality we usually deliver in. If you have made an in-store purchase, you can go to the store and explain the situation to one of our executives. They will be happy to help you.



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Equipped with a ton of features for a very slim package. Designers have thought about every problem that you might find and have come up with solutions with this waterproof jacket

Offers the best deal for this price. You can use it for so many activities and it still looks sharp. That is all you want from a good jacket.

Requires minimal care. Just like any other waterproof jacket, this jacket requires less care, but offers more support. It is more like a companion for all your activities, no matter what weather it is out there.