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Muddyfox Mens Mountain Bike


To look at the muddyfox mens mountain bike we will first look at the benefits of buying a mountain bike. One of the most common pieces of equipment used in the gym is the stationary bike. However, there are more physical and mental benefits of riding the muddyfox mens mountain bike than riding an indoor bike.


Body Workout


One of the main benefits of riding the muddyfox mens mountain bike is that it offers a total body workout. When a rider is mountain biking, they are not only using their leg muscles but also the arms and back muscles.

In addition, the rides internal organs are becoming stronger, the brain and lungs are also benefiting. It is extremely difficult to find a workout that works the whole body, so buying a mountain bike seems like a no brainer.

Benefits Of Mountain Biking


Having Fun


Working out in the gym with the same routines can be boring, and can cause individuals to miss workouts and eventually stop working out altogether. Mountain biking is fun, you can change the route or path, explore your local surroundings and have fun with your family and friends. An added benefit is the rider will be getting fitter, strong and healthier at the same time as having fun.


Toned Muscles


Not every type of exercise allows the individual to get toned muscles. The rider mountain biking on the muddyfox mens mountain bike will be able to tone up their muscle. The all-round workout causes the muscles to get toned, boosting the riders body confidence and helping them feel healthier.


Brain Power


The brand new muddyfox mens mountain bike will be sure to help increase a rider’s brain power. Mountain biking allows the lungs to reach the brain and allow the riders brain to work quicker and make decisions quicker. A rider regularly using their new mountain bike will see an improvement in their problem-solving skills, as the rider get used to making decisions quickly as they navigate the new mountain bike trail.


Improving Coordination & Balance


An added benefit of regularly using the muddyfox mens mountain bike is that the rider’s coordination and balance will improve as they guide the mountain bike down the trail using their eyes, hands and feet.

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Mountain Bike Advice




If an individual is thinking about using the muddyfox mens mountain bike on a regular basis they will have to learn how to control the bike when travelling at different speeds using the brake. The more weight a tires carries, the rider will have to use more braking power.

If a rider is travelling downhill the front tires carried more weight. Using the front brake helps the rider control the bike, when descending shift the weight on the back wheel. Good riders will learn how much weight to put on each wheel and how much power to apply to the brake, so they don’t go over the handle bars or skid.


Tackling Inclines


Low Gear: Before shifting, the rider must ease on the pedals to allow less pressure on the chain. Choose the best gear for the muddyfox mens mountain bike to tackle the particular terrain or climb.

Stay On The Saddle: While travelling up a steep incline a rider on a road bike will stand up. However, on dirt, the back tire can lose traction. The rider must try and stay seated as long as they can.

Lean Forward: When tackling a steep incline, the front of the bike can feel unweighted. A rider must slide back on the saddle, and lean forward to help keep the mountain bike grounded.

Peddling: On tough terrain, a rider must keep the pressure on and keep peddling. Travelling slower on tough terrain can seem twice as hard.



Shifting: Shift the muddyfox mens mountain bike into a big ring so the chain can’t bounce off.

Relax: Stay loose on the mountain bike, the rider should not lock their elbows or clench their fist. A rider must use their elbows to guide them through the turns and be relaxed so they can respond quickly to any situation.

Saddle: When travelling down descents a rider must try and not stay seated on the saddle, but instead standing on the peddles will allow the riders legs to help absorb the shocks and bumps.

Dropping The Saddle: If a rider is thinking about using the muddyfox mens mountain bike on a regular basis then they may want to drop the saddle by two or three inches as it keeps the rider lower to the centre of gravity

Keeping Focused: Travelling downhill requires the rider to stay focused until they reach the bottom. A rider must notice every root, hole or bump. If the riders mind wanders then their brand new muddyfox mens mountain bike may do to.

Features & Benefits

Muddyfox Anarchy 400



Searching for the perfect mountain bike from a respected English brand. The muddyfox mens mountain bike has a lot of high-end features normally found in more expensive mountain bikes. You may like to read our article on are muddyfox bikes any good?


Alloy Bike Frame: The Anarchy comes with a hard-wearing lightweight aluminium frame. Aluminium is a strong durable material.

MTB Tires: Muddyfox have equipped the Anarchy 400 with a pair of good quality mountain bike tires that will offer the rider plenty of grip as they explore their local mountain bike trails.

Gears: The muddyfox mens mountain bike comes with plenty of options for the rider to change the pace of the bike as the bike comes with twenty-four gears.

Brakes: The rider will be able to control the Anarchy 400 with a set of hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes allow the rider to bring the mountain bike to a stop with less force needed from the rider. Read the full review.


  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Absolutely Love My Muddyfox Anarchy 400.” Dean

Common Questions


Does the muddyfox mens mountain bike come assembled?


No, thee Anarchy 400 will need to be assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once assembled, go on a little test run before any long commute to make sure your happy with the mountain bike.


Who are Muddyfox?


Muddyfox have been designing and manufacturing bikes for over twenty-five years. Founded in Basildon Essex.


How many gears does the mountain bike come with?


An impressive twenty fours gears.


What type of riding can I do on the Anarchy 400?


The muddyfox mens mountain bike is built for mountain biking as the name may suggest. However, the Anarchy 400 is an ideal bike for anyone looking for a bike that can be used for multiple purposes like commuting to work, exploring their local mountain bike trails with their family and friends.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the muddyfox mens mountain bike and you have found it informative. Please support our website by posting the review on your website.





Mountain Biking


Will I Need A Pair Of Cycling Shoes?


You will not need a pair of cycling shoes to begin with, a pair of hiking or running shoes will be perfect for entry level. You may like to read our article on are Muddyfox Cycling shoes any good?


What’s The Secret Of Going Fast On Your Mountain Bike?


The key to mastering your muddyfox mens mountain bike is learning to shift. To focus on your body position, your line, braking and shifting at the same time is difficult.

However, each one is vital to being able to change of the pace of the mountain bike. If you’re on a flat and a rider is much further, they have probley shifted into a harder gear. Travelling downhill trails takes practise and experience. The more experienced a rider becomes, the faster they will be able to travel on their brand new muddyfox mens mountain bike.


Are Gloves Necessary?


A rider can use their brand new muddyfox mens mountain bike without a pair a gloves. However, the first thing to hit the ground when you crash is the hand. Wearing a pair of gloves will protect your hands from blisters and calluses.


Do I need to leave much space between each other?


If the rider is using the muddyfox mens mountain bike on rough terrain they should aim to leave a car length. Some individuals might say that not that much space is needed. However, if your both travelling down a rocky terrain and they need to suddenly. The rider will have plenty of time to perform an emergency time.   On a flat a rider may choose to not leave that much terrain, however if its unknown terrain, then being a little cautious is always best.


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