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Mens Goliath Mens Mountain Bike

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Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mens Mountain Bike

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Designed Specifically For Cycling Enthusiasts That Love Mountain Biking


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Muddyfox Pride Themselves On Making Quality Mountain Bikes By Using Only The Best Materials & Components.

Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mens Mountain Bike

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Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mens Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mountain bike is a sturdy mountain bike for the men’s age group. This fantastic bike in the striking color is a sporty boys and men bike that is perfect for many cycling adventures in nature. The bike is equipped with no less than 18 Shimano gears and by both the sturdy frame and the sprung fork; this Muddyfox mountain bike can take no beating. By using the gears, you can easily adjust the level of the resistance until it is comfortable for you.

Due to the comfortable, adjustable saddle and handlebars, this bike can last for years, even after a possible growth spurt. The reliable braking system works via disc brakes with hand brakes that can be easy operatable with the hands on the handlebars. Finally, the saddle has a sporty and comfortable design and the Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mountain bike in is the ideal off-road buddy of you!

The full steering wheel also has an advantage: steep uphill over narrow paths the mountain bike responds nervously to hard jerks at the wheel. The large wheels and the front fork do good things. Tree roots are devoured by the big wheels and what the bike wheels can handle.

In the Climb mode, the fork damps when you suddenly hit an obstacle: comfortable and prevents damage. Something less to speak about is the tires of the mountain bike. The profile of the Muddyfox Mens Goliath rapid robs shallow and on soft forest paths and sand miss many grips. They do their work well on hard surfaces. They also feel a bit heavy, so the cornering behavior of the bike is less flashy than it could be.

This bike is a real marathon racer with excellent climbing properties, but downhill is less secure. The bike is a great all-mountain, but climbs less efficiently than the rest and is on the heavy side.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mens Mountain Bike

  • Mountain bikes with a suspension fork, but no suspension rear we call hardtails.
  • A mountain bike with front and rear suspension. Then full suspensions can be subdivided into their deployment area.
  • It is lightweight, has 80 to 100 mm of travel, a sporty sitting position and excels in climbing. All mountains are more an all-around mountain bike: good uphill and downhill and long trips over small winding paths (single trails).
  • They are slightly heavier and usually have more spring travel, although can also handle 100 mm well.
  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I  Cant Wait For My Friends To Check Out My New Beast, They Will Be So Jealous Of My Muddyfox Mens Goliath Mens Mountain Bike. “Barry

Customer Satisfaction

Are you going to buy your mountain bike? Then start thinking carefully about what you want to use the mountain bike for only off-road or primarily on the road?

Do you also participate in competitions and extreme descents in the mountains? As soon as you have your wishes clear, you can choose a mountain bike on Muddyfox. T

here are different types of mountain bikes: the cross country, all mountain, downhill, and e-bikes. There is also a difference between a full suspension (front and rear suspension), and hardtail (front suspension) model, a men’s or women’s mountain bike and there are different frame and wheel sizes. All these elements influence your choice of a Muddyfox Mens Goliath mountain bike.


Common Questions

How much do I have to spend on my first bike?

You first ask yourself what your budget is and what goals you want to achieve on your bike. As a starting cyclist, you probably wish first to experience if cycling is something for you. Therefore do not spend too much on a first bike.

Where do I buy my bike?

Do you want a reliable bike and the service of a professional? Then go to the Muddyfox bicycle store. Moreover, you can test the bike in advance.

Is a bicycle measurement sensible?

Yes! When you sit well on your bike, you experience more fun with your sport. With a good cycling measurement, the Muddyfox specialist looks at your body length and inseam length. On this basis, he can determine your saddle height, handlebar height, handlebar length, handlebar width, and frame height. You will, therefore, be less likely to suffer from your back and thus be able to keep cycling longer.

Which frame size suits me?

For best performance and prevention of injuries, correct frame size is important. After all, you are not comfortable in a too big or too small bike. The frame size is determined by the length of the seat tube or the distance between the center of your pedals and the intersection with the horizontal frame tube. Your frame size depends on the length of your legs. The exact length is best done at Muddyfox bicycle store.


Click pedals or not?

 The most significant advantages of a click system are a more efficient complaint transfer. Because you are attached to the pedal with your shoe, you can deliver both up and down power.

The significant disadvantage is that you have to get accustomed to clicking pedals. This may cause problems for the first trips. Fortunately, clicking and unfolding are easy, and you get used to it quickly. Choose the Muddyfox bike or mountain bike pedals that you feel comfortable with.


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  • Reliable bike and the service of a professional and high built quality for rough and tough use.
  • bicycle insurance policy available in the ordering process
  • Low price bike with best in class features for the grownups.