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Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike

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Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike

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25 Years Experience In Manufacturing & Designing Mountain Bikes.


What Type Of Riding Is The Anarchy 500 Designed For?

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27 Shimano Gears

Mountain Bike Frame

Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes


Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike

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Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike

Buying a bike is always an important and environmentally friendly decision. Bikes are a great way to exercise, there improve heart function, and as already mentioned, they cut down on carbon emission. How to make a mountain bike faster

If you’re looking for a bike to purchase, then why not go for the Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike. If you’re familiar with the Muddyfox brand, then you’ll know that they make some of the best bikes and mountain bikes in the market. The Anarchy 500 is the ideal bike for the outdoorsman who loves tearing down a mountain trail. Read about the Pros and cons of mountain biking.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike comes with an alloy hardtail mountain bike frame that is sturdy enough and comfortable enough to support your weight. It also comes with a Suntour XCR magnesium suspension fork. The fork is equipped with a hydraulic lockout and an adjustable rebound (100mm Travel). It has an alloy MTB handlebar and an alloy A-Head handlebar stem. Check out our Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking

Another feature that you are sure to appreciate on this bike is the 27 speed Shimano Alivio gears and the Shimano Alivio rapid-fire shifter. Both gear and shifter work together to give you seamless transition between speed.

The Suntour XCM chain set helps to complete this incredible gearing system. It is also fitted with the Tektro HDX300 front and rear hydraulic braking system which works perfectly well with the suspension system. A Cionlli MTB saddle is a final feature that completes this exquisite bike. The saddle comes with bumpers in different sizes; you can get the 18, 20, or 22-inch frame size.

The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike weighs about 15kg once the assembly is complete so carrying it along with you shouldn’t pose a problem. It has two 26” quick release double-walled alloy wheels with Alex rims. Read about How to Ride A Technical Mountain Bike Trail

The alloy wheels provide better strength than metal. The inside leg measurement depends on the frame size; for the 18-inch frame, the leg measurement is 28 – 34inches. The 20-inch frame has an inside leg measurement of 30 – 36inches, while the 22-inch frame is 31- 37inches.

The bike is for ages 12, and over so if you are buying it for a kid, you may also need to make a few of adjustments to components and fit certain parts like the gears and brake before s/he starts using it. The Anarchy 500 is the ideal bike for mountainous terrains with its alloy wheels and Shimano gears. How to corner on a mountain bike

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”  I Saved Up For Months To Treat Myself To Buy A New Mountain Bike. I Cant Not Wait To Test My New Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike. ” Shane

Customer Satisfaction

The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike is a sturdy and fantastic bike. Muddyfox is easy to assemble and comes in various frame sizes making it perfect for kids ages 12 and up.

The fact that it comes in different sizes means you can get one each for every member of your family and make your weekends a family-cycling event. It handles smoothly, comes with some of the best features you can find on any bike. With such great features and a size that is great for most people, it’s safe to say that you get your money’s worth.

Common Questions

Does it come pre-assembled?

No. It comes in a package. However, everything you will need to assemble the bike arrives in the box together with an easy to follow manual. In addition, you could always ask the delivery team to put it together for you, and they will more than happy to have it ready to ride.

Is the Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 Mountain Bike easy to use?

The Suntour XCR Magnesium suspension fork system absorbs more shock so that you can enjoy the best out of this bike. You can ride it in various kinds of environment. It is excellent both on the road as well as off the road (fields, dirt tracks, Park) terrains. The alloy wheels make the bike very stable and more security.

What is the total weight?

After assembly, the product weighs approximately 15kg.

Is there a fit guarantee?

The bike comes in various frame sizes, so there is always something for everyone. You can get it in 18, 20, and 22-inch frame sizes.

Whom do I call if there is an issue?

If you purchase this bike from Amazon at their sales/discount price, then you call them, and they will help you fix any problem you may discover.

Advice using Muddyfox Boys Race 24” Bike

The Muddyfox Men’s Anarchy 500 is a great mountain bike, and it is perfect for almost any terrain. You can take it out on a muddy day, ride it up and down a hill, and even on unpaved roads. You will find that the brakes are precise and smooth and that the grip is excellent.

Muddyfox is a trusted brand in the bike market. They make bikes that are easy to ride. The Anarchy 500 is exceptionally comfortable thanks to the Suntour XCR Magnesium suspension fork system. It performs well under the harshest condition and will give you your money’s worth.

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The neutral charcoal/black colour makes it a beauty that is ideal for all genders

It is entirely worth its money as it empowers your child with the right equipment and confidence to tackle the great outdoors.

Everything about the design, from the seats to the adjustable handlebars come together to make this bike comfortable to use