Have you, as a girl, always promised yourself a bike? The Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike is the desired choice. Specially designed for ladies, this bike is a perfect choice.


The Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike is built for leisure riding and off-road trials. It comes in colors of Cerise pink and Diamond black. This bike is especially suitable for girls 12 years and above.


Considering the attractive girly colors, it promises a reminiscent experience for girls.


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The Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike comes with 18 speed Shimano gearing that enables you to simply and quickly change gears. This gearing system also allows shifting into lower gears during a climb and into lower ones when fast riding.

Speed and comfort are assured with this gear system. The bike also comes with 26-inch wheels, a framed front suspension, and alloy rims. This solid combination guarantees you a smooth ride in whatever terrain you ride.

The Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike is further equipped with V-type brakes. The brakes are in the Minneapolis type, meaning that they are in the front and back.

This enables great stopping power and provides the rider with discretion on which break to use. Even in wet and muddy conditions, the V brakes allow you to break.

This bike employs a sturdy build with a steel fork and a steel hardtail frame of 16 inches. This provides the recreational rider with a perfect choice.

In addition, this bike is equipped with front suspension, and this absorbs even the roughest terrain. Its off-road tires (ATB tread) ensures enhanced grip on the road and stability when riding. The bike’s pink and black finishing provides a cute look for young girls.

Thin mountain bike has a height of 71 centimeters and a weight of 18 kilograms. This means that although the bike is relatively heavy to carry, a girl with a height of approximately 100 centimeters can ride.

Customer Satisfaction

The Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike is generally a cute bike suitable for girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Most customers are satisfied with the bike and think that it has a great look, quite sturdy and is easy to construct.


The bike is also not very heavy and is easy to build following the simple instructions.


Common Questions

Will my 12-year-old daughter be able to ride it?

Yes, she will. This bike is specifically designed for a girl of 12 years and above. Therefore, as long as she falls within this age bracket, she can ride the bike. In case your girl is very small, this is the perfect bike since she will soon grow into it. With a bit of daily practice, your 12-year-old daughter will be able to ride this bike.

What happens in case the bike is defective upon delivery?

Do not fret. This is not a big deal. You may find a part broken or a bit damaged when the product is delivered to you. This happens occasionally due to shipment and carriage. In such a case, do contact the head office or the delivery team. They will provide you with further information. There are professionals designated to handle such issues. Their services are available immediately upon contacting them.

Do you run out of stock?

Every product company runs out of stock for some of its products. It is not uncommon. Luckily, the company runs on the principles of demand and supply. Therefore, whenever there is a demand, there is always a supply. In case of any questions regarding stocking do call the customer care for information and help.


In case you are too busy to assemble your Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike or find it difficult, do not do it in a rush manner. You have the option of contacting a trained mechanic. He will guarantee the highest safety standards in the shortest time.

To avoid accidents, check to ensure that all the bike parts work efficiently. Check to see that the tires are well aired and gears well oiled. In case of any issues related to this bike, just call the customer care. Our guide on bike security.




The Muddyfox Life 26 Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike is specially made for girls within the age of 12 and above. Therefore, in case you are looking to buy your little girl a bike for her birthday, this is a perfect choice.


A beautiful look considering the girly colors. Diamond black and Cerise pink is a great combination of colors that will definitely impress your little girl.


The Muddyfox Life 26” Ladies Hardtail Mountain Bike has numerous impressive features. In addition, it is the bike of choice in case you want a bike that can handle tough terrain.

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