Mountain bike is not equal to  a mountain bike. Although the Fat bike and the Full suspension MTB (Fully) belong to the mountain bike category, the purpose, the equipment, and the driving feeling are partly different. Modern mountain bikes are tailored specifically to a specific terrain profile and the riding style of the rider, i.e. where and above all how to ride a bike.

Some MTBs have a generous front and rear suspension to avoid problems even in heavy terrain, while others have no cushioning to improve the stiffness and weight of the frame, making it even faster on the trail. Others have less suspension travel or only a suspension fork at the front to provide the right balance of speed and suspension comfort.

And then there are the Fat bikes, which were specially designed for use in particularly difficult terrain such as sand and snow.

Mountain bikes without suspension elements are referred to as rigid or rigid fork MTBs. Due to the lack of dampers, the Rigid Bike is only suitable for light, unpretentious trails, since traction and driving comfort depend mainly on the tires. On the other hand, a rigid bike is lighter and less expensive than a hardtail or fully. In addition, maintenance of the movable damper parts is eliminated.

Traditionalist still swears by the incomparable feeling of a rigid mountain bike, but in the modern mountain bike sector, the rigid fork MTB plays only a subordinate role.

The front suspension or damping is accommodated in MTBs in the suspension fork. It works through a “feather” that stretches after being squeezed through a stroke along the way. This spring can be either air, steel or a combination of both.

The air suspension is lightweight and can be precisely adjusted via a damper pump, whereas steel springs are more suitable for lower mountain bikes or downhill bikes with a high spring travel.

Moreover, they are extremely durable and robust and have a finer response than air springs. Depending on the manufacturer and the technology, the rear suspension is made in various shapes. The aim here is always to ensure, in addition to the absorption of impacts, also the drive neutrally.

The price range is also huge with the valuable MTBs of established brands. There is a reasonable bike for everyone in the area, which satisfies their requirements. If you invest more, you usually get a bike with less weight, better damping components, better shifting quality, higher durability and more comfort.

The material of the frame changes from steel or aluminum to high-quality carbon. Shifting groups are also becoming lighter and higher. The wheels are another price point which is decisive for the quality and the price. In addition, a fully is always more expensive than a similarly equipped Hardtail, because it has additional parts and is more expensive in production.

In the following section we will review Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike

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Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike is a unique lightweight and strong.

– It has 18” dual suspension Alloy Frame with 21 Shimano Revo shift Gearing System.

– It is designed with 26”Alloy Rims and rear and front disc brakes.

– Measurement of the inside leg is 26 to 32 inches for comfortable riding experience.

Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike has an Altus Rear Derailleur with double wall rims for super performance while riding on any types of terrain.

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Customer Satisfaction

The customers have loved Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike and they liked all the features and performance.

Common Questions

  1. How many gears are there for this bike?

– 21 Gears

  1. What are the accessories included?

– Multi Assemble Tools and User Manual

  1. What is the total weight of this Mountain Bike?

– Total weight of this bike is 15 Kgs. after assembling.

  1. Is this item durable?

– Yes it is durable and light weight

  1. What is the size of Wheels?

– 26 Inch.


  • Super Speed and Super Control:

Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike is designed with a  21 speed Shimano gears .

Secondly its design with front and rear disc brakes ensures that it can be stopped immediately in case of an emergency.

  •  Super Smooth Ride:

Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike is designed with 18” Dual suspension alloy wheel that allows a super smooth ride on all types of terrains.

ergonomic technology of  to the brake system ensures a super smooth riding experience.

  • Easy Assembly:

Muddyfox Interceptor Rigid Suspension Mountain Bike comes with the parts which you need to assemble at home.

Easy to assemble and the user manual is also provided so you don’t need to take it to the professional for assembling the parts.

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