Many women are interested in bike riding. If you are one of them, wants to ride your bike on mountains, terrains, and on hills then you are at right place.


Muddyfox Inspire 26 Ladies Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is definitely the best choice for you.


This high suspension rugged mountain bike will withstand a lot of pressure. You can easily ride with them in better comfort, speed, and the control. Use the bike to believe it.


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Benefits or features

Muddyfox Inspire 26 Ladies Dual Suspension Mountain Bike will definitely provide high-quality dual power suspension with its shock absorber which is adjustable. It has steel frame suspension of length 18 inches.

This will increase smoothness while riding on terrains or the mountains. It has wheels made of black alloy, which is 26 inches. The wheels have better forks for suspension with ATB tread off the road tyre. This gives you better control and the grip.

The bike’s 26-inch black alloy wheels are fitted with ATB tread off-road tyres with suspension forks for a better grip and control on difficult terrain. Brake Leavers have Two Finger adjustments with V-brake compatible. It is made from the Resin material.

Therefore, you can use them on all kinds of roads. Because of the better brake system, you can even reduce your speed on slopes. This is a very important factor when it comes to mountain riding.

The bike has gearing facilities with Shimano 18 Speed Twist Grip. The dual suspension increases safety for women. The weight is around 15 Kg. so the durability factor is very good. Because of this, the speed and acceleration factor will be top notch.

The twist grip with 18-speed gears will help to control your bike properly. Tyre tubes are provided with the Schrader Valves to increase the durability. The materials used for bike Chain is KMC Steel. Because of this, you will have smoother revolutions on the tyre.

Muddyfox Inspire 26 Ladies Dual Suspension Mountain Bike has Chain guard system. It is Mounted on the Chainring. Handlebars on the bike have ATB Steel. Bottom Brace has Cr-mo Axle, with steel. This combination is very good as the bottom tensile strength of the bike increases.

 Customer satisfaction


These are perfect for the women. Because it pretty much has everything in it. The materials and spare parts are of high quality. The price compared to the quality offered is very good. The usage of the bike on terrains and mountains.


The suspension and V brake facility is definitely top notch. The women of any age can use the bike. As the bike gears have a different speed setting, it will assist in slopes. Especially when you lose your control or find it hard to paddle the bike.


The color of the bike looks very good. The design is fantastic. It feels like we are riding a premier quality bike.


You will hardly hear the squeaking noise. Muddyfox Inspire 26 Ladies Dual Suspension Mountain Bike gives a better experience.

Common questions


Does it come assembled?

Assembling of the bike is not complete. You will get fitted Back wheel along with all brakes and gears. However, you need to attach handlebars front wheel and saddle. Nothing too challenging about the assembly. The process is very easy. You will have all the spare parts in it.

Can I customize the bike?

Yes, you can. But we will not advise you to customize it unless you have high-grade materials which fit the bike perfectly. More often than not people who buy our products does not choose customization.

This bike has perfect materials with very good fitting. Therefore, there is no need for customization. You will not find the spare parts with exact size and shape. That will lead to compatibility problems. You can choose4 from our spare parts for customization.

What are the different colour combination available on the market?

As of now, you will get Muddyfox Inspire 26 Ladies Dual Suspension Mountain Bike in white colour. The bike has colour combination of white and black with grey components. It also gives royal look. The pink-orange lettering on the bike increases the beauty of it. Why not read our bike security article




Perfect for women as it has power dual suspension. This will not put enough pressure on the lower back of the riders. As women tend to get hurt in the lower back, this will reduce that risk.


So if you are suffering from lower back then better to go for bikes which have better suspension systems


Multi gearing system will help for easy riding. The bike has 18 gear setting at your fingertips. It will reduce the chance of getting very tired of mountain riding. The speed control will assist you on slopes and steeps.


The material is of very high quality with the steel and alloy frames. So durability is good.


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