Riding a Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike is not the same as riding just any bike. It is an experience all on its own as riding a bike is intended to be.

Every time you take your bike out of the garage to go riding, the feeling is different because you notice new things about it you didn’t know or you see the world in a new light.

Bike riding is better than walking or driving when you are out for an adventure. A Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike has access to places a car wouldn’t normally have and you cannot see much should you decide to walk. Using a bike is therefore the best option.

Despite the fact that a bike is the more preferred option of the three, not just any bike will give you the best experience. You need consider a few factors, especially if you are a man. Men enjoy using the best performing equipment. Muddyfox provides such a bike for men.


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There are many benefits that are associated with Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike  They include:

  • Dual suspension

This simply means that they have suspension at the fork in front of the bike as well as at the back of the frame. Dual suspensions are more suited for rugged terrain. They give the rider a smooth ride down a hill.

  • 18” frame size

This frame size is more suited for men with a height of between 5’ 6” and 5’ 10”. It can however be ridden by men who are close to this height.

  • Alloy rims

The rims of a bike are very important and should be carefully considered during manufacturing as well as when a person is buying a bike.

Despite the fact that men are almost always knowledgeable about so many things, when a man goes bike hunting, they should know what to look for in the rims. Alloy rims are less heavy when compared to steel rims. This reduces the energy the wheel needs for the bike to accelerate because the mass of the wheel as it rotates is light. Alloy rims also brake better than steel.

  • SL-KDSG-03 gears made by Sunrun

Gears determine the ease with which you are able to ride a bike. A bike with Sunrun gears is a good bike because you are able to shift the gears with ease and reliably since the gears are of a very high quality.

  • 18 gears which have shifters made by Sunrun

Understanding how many gears your bike has is very important and so is using them as intended. This means you need to recognize when to use them. Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike has 18 of them. These ensure that you are always comfortable while you pedal no matter the terrain.

Customer satisfaction


Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike  are great bikes for men who love adventure. Even if you don’t but you are required to go to an area which has a rugged terrain, these bikes will get you there in one piece.

They are light but made of high quality components which means you don’t need to use a lot of strength while you ride them. It has a good braking system which stops the bike in good time should the need arise and thus while riding the bike you feel safe.

Since it can be ridden in rough terrain without the rider feeling the hard bumps, it is suitable for use in areas with rugged surfaces such as going biking up a hill. The availability of the many high quality gears also means you will not feel the climb. They are definitely high power bikes are therefore perfect for men.

Common questions


The most common questions men have about the Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike are:

  • Should you engage the gears while on a smooth road?

Gears serve to help you be comfortable at all times while you are pedalling. They help you maintain the speed regardless of the change in the lay of the land. There are 18 gears in this bike and you decide when to engage them. There is a gear you can engage when on a smooth road especially if you are shifting from a rugged terrain to a smooth road.

  • Why should I buy this bike if I never intend to ride it on a rugged terrain?

The bike is indeed perfect for a rugged terrain. Its use is however not fixed to a particular terrain. You need to buy this bike for all the other factors that make it the perfect bike for you.

You may buy it because of other reasons such as how easy it is to shift its gears or how fast it can go or just how stable it is as a bike. You also never know, you may decide to go biking on a nature trail and find it is not as smooth as you thought it would be. Check out on our article on Kryptonite bike locks.





 There are many benefits to getting yourself one of the Muddyfox hypersonic 20 26 inch suspension bike but the main reasons you should buy one are:

  • Their use is not restricted. It is true they work well in some areas than others but they do work on all terrains.
  •  Easy to ride because they have gears which help you maintain you pedalling speed and strength.
  • They are an easy fit for your height. The frame it has makes sure you are comfortable while you ride.


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