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The Main Reasons To Choose The Muddyfox Hybrid bike



21 Shimano Gears

E-Z Fire Shifters

Lightweight Alloy Frame



Customer Satisfaction

Four Half Stars


Customer Reviews

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What is the definition of Hybrid Bike?


A hybrid bike combines some characteristic features from both a road and mountain bikes. The main benefit of a hybrid bike is that it is suitable for general riding over different types of terrain. Hybrid bikes are commonly used for commuting.

Muddyfox have designed the Muddyfox hybrid bike for both serious and casual riders. The Muddyfox Tempo 200 versatility is the main selling point.

The Muddyfox hybrid bike takes a few characteristics from both road and mountain bikes that give the rider a more reliable form of transport for commuting to work and leisurely bike riders with their family and friends. The Tempo 200 is design to last for years and can be used all year round. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of hybrid bikes.

Advantages Of Hybrid Bikes


The frames are designed for comfort and easy to use in a variety of purposes

Upright riding position.

Higher pressure tires make long rides easier.


Great For The City

Muddyfox Metrics

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What Should You Choose A Hybrid?


Hybrid bikes are the most popular bike in terms of versatility. Muddyfox have designed the Muddyfox Tempo 200 to be used off road and can be used on the same terrain as a mountain bike. In addition, a hybrid bike can be used on gravel roads, sidewalks, paths and pavements.

Entry level cyclist prefer a hybrid bike as it offers the versatility of being able to be used for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, the Muddyfox hybrid bike offers great value for money.




A hybrid tires are designed to offer the rider plenty of grip while they commute and the bikes geometry allows the Muddyfox hybrid bike to be ideal for using in the unpredictable British weather.



If you intend to be only commuting on a road; then a road bike is best.

In addition, if you are only using the bike for mountain biking; then buy a mountain bike.


Features & Benefits

Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike


If you’re looking for a bike that is ideal for using for a variety of purposes and from a top bike brand then the search may certainly be offer.

Muddyfox are an English brand with offer twenty-five years’ experience in designing and manufacturing bikes.

The Muddyfox brand pride themselves on designing stylish bikes at affordable prices. A rider can use the Muddyfox ladies’ bike for commuting to work, leisurely outings to explore their local mountain bike trails or running errands in your local town or city. Read our article on are Muddyfox bikes any good?

The Muddyfox Tempo comes with a lightweight aluminium frame. Aluminium is known to outperform steel in laboratory tests and offers the rider plenty of stability and support while they ride.

Muddyfox have designed the frame so the rider has a good ridding position and to enable the rider to keep focused on their route an out manoeuvre any obstacles quickly and safely. The bike comes in a stylish black and orange design. Read the full review.


Additional features


21 Shimano Gears

700C trekking tyres

Cionlli saddle

Promax Front & Rear V Brakes



  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Am So Excited For My Husband To See His Brand New Muddyfox Hybrid Bike.” Lucy

Customer Satisfaction


I purchased the Muddyfox hybrid bike for my husband for his birthday as he has been thinking about buying a bike for a while now.

The Tempo 200 arrived quickly and it only took my partner and his friend twenty minutes to assemble.

Once you have assembled the bike go on a small test run to make sure your happy with the bike. My husband is happy with the build quality and is over the moon with how easy it is to change the gears on the bike.

The Muddyfox Tempo 200 bike is used for commuting to work and my husband is saving a lot of money on not having to pay for petrol or parking fees.

Commuting regularly is helping my husband improve his fitness level and he is even thinking about cancelling his gym membership.

Common Questions


What is the leg requirements?

28 -34 inchs for the 20 inch frame and 30-36 inch for the 22 frame.


Is the Aluminium frame light?

Yes, the Muddyfox Tempo Hybrid bike frame is lightweight.


How many gears does the mudyfox hybrid bike come with?

An impressive 21 Shimano gears.


Does the Muddyfo Tempo 200 need assembling?

The Tempo 200 does need to assembled. A helpful and informative instruction manuel is provided.


What colour does the bike come in?

Black and Orange.


Health Benefits


Cycling is a low form of exercise and is a great way for a rider to build up your fitness levels at their own pace. Regular exercise is a great way to help keep in shape and is commonly advised by health professionals as it is a form of running without the weight bearing. In addition, exercise has been known not to only help an individual’s physical health but also their mental health.

Regular exercise can be a great way for an individual to forget about the stress’s that life can sometimes bring.

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Why Do You Need The Bike?


The most important question a rider needs to ask themselves, is what do they intend to be using the bike for?

Think about the activities a rider is intending to use the bike for. Will they be using the bike for commuting to work, mountain biking or for using with a local cycling club.

Once they have identified what they will be using the bike for; they need to think about the type of terrain the will be travelling on.


Road Bike: Designed with lightweight frame, aero dynamic frame with thin tires that are designed specifically for flat surface or roads.

The rider will be able to travel comfortably for long periods of time and is ideal for using with a local cycling club.


Mountain Bikes: Have been deigned to be tough and durable across off road terrain and are ideal for a rider thinking about exploring their local mountain bike trails.

Designed with hard wearing tires and a hard-wearing frame that can withstand the odd minor bump or scrap.


Hybrid Bikes. Combines characteristics from both road and mountain bikes that gives the rider versatility and is ideal for when the rider wants to use the bike for a variety of activities and is one of the most common bikes used for commuting in the city.

If you want to have a multipurpose built bike then the Muddyfox hybrid bike is a great option.


Related Questions


Do you want to priority quality or affordability?


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What is your budget for buying the bike?



What Can I use The Hybrid For?


The Muddyfox hybrid bike is ideal for taking around town, touring and using in the rainy season. A hybrid bike is designed to be used for multiple purposes for the commute to work Monday to Friday and touring at the weekends.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a bike that is affordable, a good way to enjoy some fresh air and can be used for running some errands. The muddufox Tempo 200 hybrid bike is fun to ride and is easy to use. You would be silly not consider the Temp 200 as an option.

Hybrid bikes are one of the most common forms of bikes used around cities and with advances in technology has seen the hybrid bikes being designed with lighter frames and being more responsive.

The Muddyfox hybrid bike is a versatile bike that is lightweight and will allow the rider to pedal easier than a comfort bike.

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