The Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike is a 2016 Muddyfox Exclusive Unique Range model by Muddyfox This is a fantastic freestyle BMX bike for children that ensures high performance in off-road tracks. BMX bikes are used for racing and stunts on dirt, mountains, and other harsh environments.

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Benefits and Features

The most notable feature is its looks: the ride comes in stunning red and white finished 9-inch frame, black rims, black handlebars, and freestyle tires.

The Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike combines a hip look with top-notch performance to ensure style, toughness, and fun. It has caliper brakes on both wheels, as well as adjustable saddle and handlebar heights. When it comes to comfort, it hits the right buttons. The product comes from one of UK’s top bicycle brands, Muddyfox, and it’s a sure pick for kids looking for a BMX ride. Other features include:

  • BMX style with Pivots for V brakes
  • Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike Dual V-Brakes / Two Finger V-Brakes leavers (adjustable)
  • BMX freestyle with 22mm cross handlebars
  • Single speed gear / rigid suspension

Customer Satisfaction

The Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike currently has a five-star review on Amazon UK with two customer reviews, both of them describing the BMX as fantastic or excellent.

The Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike is excellent bike that combines longevity, trend, style, and off-road features. It’s a brilliant set of wheels for the children, suited as their first BMX or as a generous upgrade of their old wheels.

Customer reviews though other physical retailers tell about their kids loved the Muddyfox and how the ride was perfectly suited for their young age, even if they have never ridden a bike before.

The features of the product are also highly praised on other sites: the breaks, the handles, and the speed gear all behave at optimum performance, even on the roughest of tracks.

The freestyle wheels of the Muddyfox Griffin 18  BMX bike allow greater versatility. They can perform the tricks and stunts of Motorcycles, and they can perform well enough on urban scenarios as well. It means your kids could ride around the block and across the park without any issue.

Common questions

Most common questions are regarding the true colors of the bike, which may seem confusing in the pictures. AS said before, the BMX is white and red with black handlebars and saddle. There are no other colors available for the model.

The product is currently available in the UK. Aside from Amazon, other retailers include Uk Sports Outdoor or the website BuyaBikeOnline. Other countries where it’s sold are Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

Another question is regarding the age range and genre: the age suited for the ride is 7 – 9 years, and the model is intended for both genres. Either way, you can measure your sun against the 18-inches of height and see if he’s fitted to drive the Muddyfox.

Other common questions are regarding the assembly of the bike: it’s worth noting the product is 90 percent build, but you might need to make some minor assembly adjustments. The instructions and the tools are provided.

Lastly, it’s important to add the bike has stabilizers on.

Why should you buy Muddyfox Griffin ?

The Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike comes from one of UK’s Proper Bicycle Manufactures, Muddyfox, which happens to be one of the most acclaimed bike makers in the country.

Muddyfox Griffin 18’’ BMX bike is a perfect choice for children looking for their first BMX bike: is easy to ride as it has a single speed gear. More so, both the saddle and handlebar are easy to adjust.

Lastly you would get a high-performance BMX unit, a great value for your money indeed.

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