Muddyfox Girl Princess Spoked Wheels Bike

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Enclosed Chain Guard

Single Speed

Front & Rear Caliper

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Muddyfox Girl Princess Spoked Wheels Bike

Bike riding is one of the most sought-after physical workout and adventure sport that has a huge fan base across the world. But when it comes to choosing a bike for your kids, things can be confusing. This is where the Muddyfox Girl Princess Spoked Wheels Bike with Slick Tread Tires, Pink/White, Size 12-Inch comes to the rescue.

This pink/white coloured bike is the ultimate gift you can present your small kid with on any occasion. It is a super strong and comfortable bike that your kid will be enjoying the most while she learns to ride the bike and prepare herself for an adventurous future.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Girl Princess Spoked Wheels Bike

It is one of the best available options for kids. The colour of the bike is very bright and suits their style to great extents. The best part of this bike is its weight – just a swooping 9 kg mark that it hardly crosses. The frame size and the wheel size further contribute to making it one of the safest options for your little ones.

You can find a lot of safety equipment accessories that can be used to make it even safer apart from the included stabilizers. But using the bike under adult supervision in low or totally traffic free areas is mandatory to avoid any unwanted cases of traffic accidents in case of unlucky situations.




The main features of this bike include:

Slick tires fitted well with 12” spoked wheels

Single speed mechanism

Caliper brakes fitted to both the front and rear wheels

Comes with included stabilizers

The chain guard is fully enclosed and covered

The steel frame contributes to its durability

8.5 frame size for suitable use by kids

Padded handlebars

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 92%

”  My Princess Will Love The Muddyfox Girl Princess Spoked Wheels Bike.” Helen


Customer Satisfaction

The customers who have bought it have been greatly happy with their purchase. In terms of satisfaction, the kids become really happy to receive any gift. And to provide them with such a wonderful bike is unbeatable – especially in cases of a special occasion such as their birthday or Christmas.

Customers also report being satisfied with its safety. You cannot just provide your small kid with anything to ride on but this bike wins the bet. Some may complain about the initial settings of the bike but once it is taken care of, it is the best bike in the market.


Advantages and Disadvantages


There are many advantages of gifting this bike to your kid. The padded handlebar works to provide them with the ultimate comfort. The stabilizers provided with the bike make sure that your kids stay safe while working on their bike lessons. They will not be falling off any more during their initial days of bike riding.

Though the bike comes with a statutory warning of not to be used in traffic, it is the best item for your kid to roam around the area when the lanes are relatively emptier. The frame size and colour makes it an ideal choice for girls. The only disadvantage that can be pointed out is the initial adjustments that you need to take care of for making it extra safe for your girl. The seat may pose a little discomfort after long rides sometimes, but not during all incidents.

Common Questions

Some of the most common questions asked by buyers include:

How durable is the item?

The steel frame makes the bike extremely durable for kids. With initial adjustments, the product becomes super safe for your small one.

How easy is it to use the item?

It is easy to use the product, especially on account of the stabilizers that are included within the package. The padded handlebar makes it even more convenient for kids.

Can a three-year-old kid ride it?

This bike has been designed for small kids, especially in the age range of 2 to 7 years. But you must accompany them during the ride and not leave them alone with the bike in traffic-prone areas.

Do I need to purchase safety gears for this item?

Yes. There are only stabilizers that are included with the bike. But to make things extra safe for your kids, you must look into the available safety gears. Never forget to accompany them and maintain strict supervision.

Final Comments


When you allow your kids to prepare for the coming adventures in life right from the very beginning, they are sure to excel in it. Bike riding is one of those very few activities that can make your girl strong, keep her fit and feed her mental curiosity of exploring the world. The Muddyfox Girl Princess Spoked Wheels bike with Slick Tread Tires is the best option to provide them with the opportunity from the very beginning.

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