Muddyfox Flare 26 Mountain Bike




Muddyfox Flare 26 Mountain Bike


Muddyfox Are Well Known For Making Quality Mountain Bikes Their Customers Love And Have 25 Years Experience in Manufacturing Mountain Bikes.

 Muddyfox Flare 26 Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox Flare 26 Mountain Bike



Muddyfox Were Established In Basildon Essex And Have Been Manufacturing Bikes For Over 25 Years.

Designed For Mountain Biking

The Muddyfox Flare Mountain Bike Is Designed Specifically For Mountain Biking.


18 Shimano Gears

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Muddyfox Flare 26 Mountain Bike



Mountain biking is a great practice that allows you to spend your time doing something that would benefit your body and soul.

When you go mountain biking you get the chance to discover nature. If you are one of the millions who spend their time in corporate cubicles then you already know the value of that. Also it is a great cardio exercise that will allow you to breathe in some fresh air while burning calories.

Many people prefer to go mountain biking then to exercise at the gym because the time you spend in nature tends to pass a lot faster. You don’t really feel like you are working out but at the same time, you are actually moving every muscle in your body and you are getting fit.

Also mountain biking is a chance to connect with family and friends or to meet new people. Most of the time we don’t have time to spend with our loved ones due to life’s crazy and hectic obligations, but a day mountain biking with your friends and family will change all that. You will see how your stress level decreases and how more energetic you feel.

Moreover, there are lot of groups for mountain biking lovers that you can join if you want to expand your social circle and want to make some new friends. But with a lot of bikes on the market you need to make sure that you are buying only the most reliable and safest product. We decided to review the Muddyfox Flare 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Men’s to see if it was for sure the best bike out there.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox Flare 26 Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Flare 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Men’s features a lot of safety and mechanism specifications that makes it one of the best and most reliable mountain bikes available:

  • The Alloy rims are super durable. This means that your money is well spent when you buy this bike.
  • It comes in a 19 inch frame that is sturdy enough to carry even big weights. Everybody and anybody can ride this wonderful bike.
  • The 26 inch wheels are the best to have on bumpy terrains. When you are mountain biking, chances are that you would be most of the time going up and down bumpy hills and riding over small rocks and gravel. You don’t want a bike that wouldn’t st put on the road. You also don’t want a bike that will keep on shaking until you fall off. That is why the wheels and the amazing front suspension fork will stabilize this bike in any difficult terrain giving you a great mountain biking experience.
  • It comes with 18 speeds that can be easily adjusted by a twist grip. This means that you can ride the bike at the most comfortable pace for you and you will definitely enjoy the ride.


The Muddyfox Flare 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Men’s has a lot of benefits over other brands offered on the market:

The inside leg measurements range from 29 to 34 inches allowing different people to enjoy the bike comfortably.

It requires minimum assembly. There is no need to take this bike to the bike shop or to buy a whole set of tools. The Muddyfox Flare 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Men’s can be easily assembled at the comfort of your home.

The frame comes with a lifetime guarantee because it is made from the most durable and sturdiest material. It won’t bend, rust or break and will look as good as new after years of use.


  • Features -87 %
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

” I Absolutely Love Going Out In My Mountain Bike, The Muddyfox Flare Mountain Bike Would Be Ideal For My Wife.” Ben


Customer Satisfaction

Customers who bought the Muddyfox Flare 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Men’s loved it and recommended it to others. You don’t find a reliable sturdy mountain bike every day and you don’t have to spend a fortune to actually get one.

This bike is the best to have if you are a professional or still a newbie who is still trying his mountain biking luck. Customers found that it was easy to control and manoeuvre and that it was not heavy or bulky.

Common Questions

Can this bike be used for leisure biking?  There is no reason why it shouldn’t.

Can it be used by different people?  Yes, it is the perfect size for different people.

Are the tyres and tubes included in the guarantee? No, the guarantee involves only the frame.


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The Muddyfox Flare 26 Inch Mountain Bike – Men’s is a great mountain bike to buy:

  • It is durable and this means that it is good value for money.
  • It requires minimum assembly.

You can easily adjust the speed and control this amazing bike