Having had the pleasure of trying out the MuddyFox Escape recently, I felt it was important to discuss it. Like every other MuddyFox bike, the MuddyFox Escape offers a vibrant and effective hardtail mountain bike that can handle itself on just about any incline or location. This was part of the 2015 summer range so, two summers on, you can get it for a handy price.

Is it worth the money, though? Is this the kind of bike that offers the strength and stability that you need if you require action?

If you are looking for a bike that can handle itself on tough inclines and can give you a strong, safe bike with powerful front suspension, this is certainly one to keep an eye on. Strong and safe, this can be the perfect bike for anyone who wants to hop on the path and cycle to their hearts content. Out of all the options that you could go for in terms of road safety and stability, then, the MuddyFox Escape might just be one of my favourites – especially for the price.

How does it stack up, then? Is it value?

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Customer Satisfaction

Yes, I’d say that I was more than satisfied. Having picked one up for a fair price, I decided to give it a fair whirl. I hit a variety of different kind of locations, and in different weather. From large, fair fields to hitting small woodland paths in the rain, I wanted to see how this mountain bike would go about handling itself in challenging conditions.

What I found was that this offered a comfortable and easy to use cycling option. Strong and safe, this offers you plenty of confidence when cycling as you can just feel how responsive it is to your touch.

It’s a bike with plenty to show for itself, with a strong and effective design that allows it to easily carry off that significant, simple cycling that it provides. I felt nice and safe working with this system, knowing that I was utilizing a mountain bike that could more than handle my height and weight, and was going to be sturdy enough to handle just about any conventional challenge that I could throw at it.

Overall, I would need to say that I am very satisfied with the quality and consistency that this bike brings forward.

the quality and consistency of the MuddyFox Escape.

Benefits and Features

  • This bike makes the most of a powerful ATB tread tire. These tires make sure that it’s going to be a strong and powerful bike to ride with, using the 26” x 1.95 ATB treading to make sure that it stays nice and strong throughout the journey. I never found myself having too many problems with the tires, which were assisted by the excellent Schrader valves on the tyre tubing.
  • Add in the KMC steel chain and this bike also gives off a strong and sturdy feel that ensures you know you can give it 100% without fear of damaging the bike.
  • A vinyl and weather resistant saddle ensures that sitting on the bike is as comfortable as it can be. Long journeys on this saddle will get a little tough on the buttocks but it’s hardly unexpected. Given the look and style of the saddle, it’s about as effective a contraption as you could possibly use for traveling around.
  • The ATB steel 580mm handlebars gives you plenty of grip and length to pick from when you are cycling your bike. It also uses a Cr-mo Axle on the bottom bracet, ensuring that it maintains a strength and sturdiness that any other bikes of such a price range could never offer.
  • With the steel material of the frame you can be sure that it’s going to take a lot of work to bend or damage this look. With a smart design that is easy to fall in love with, too, this is a bike that you know both looks great and would take a lot of wear and tear to eventually remove that sleek, stylish look.

  • Strong and safe and with elegant breaks included, this is the perfect choice for any gents who need a reliable bike to get out there with.


Yes, I would need to say that this would be a bike that I would happily recommend. The MuddyFox Escape is a bike that makes a fine choice for jetting off and enjoying yourself with. I found it easy to handle both tough and challenging terrain as well as making sure that I would hit the right areas and prepare myself accordingly for what was to come.

It was because of this that I could very quickly begin to appreciate the strength of the bike itself. Many other bikes I have ridden in the same price range have felt rather weak and overly worn. This, though? I had no such problems here.

I found that that the MuddyFox Escape makes a fine choice for long-term cycling and engagement for these reasons:

  • It’s a bike that offer a comfortable and large frame. I felt like I was riding a bike that was made just for me – the front suspension frame also ensures that it’s a bike that just about anyone should be able to get to grips with.
  • The power dual v-brakes were a lifesaver for me – literally. The helped me out in a few tough spots where I misjudged terrain and found myself careering in a location that I didn’t’ really know. The brakes are strong and responsive, easy to work, and made me feel much safer when pushing myself to my limits on the bike itself.
  • Also, the added touch of the long leg sizes for the bike means that I could very easily stretch out and enjoy a cycle without feeling as if I was cramped up. Space and comfort is important to me, and this made that simple.

Given the price and the availability, I would have to give two major thumbs up to

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