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Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Mountain Bike

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Muaddyfox Energy 20 Girls Mountain Bike

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6 Shimano Gears

Powerful V Brakes

Wheel Size 20″



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Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Bike

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Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Bike

The Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is designed to the highest standard of manufacturing. It is designed to handle the harsh off-road terrain. With its white and pink colour, it is specially designed for girls between the age of 8 and 11.

The bike is a perfect choice for school girls commuting to school during school days.

During weekends, off-rod racing through the park is also a suitable use for this bike. Are you looking to surprise your little girl for her 11th birthday with an exciting present, this is the best choice. Below are some of the features it comes with.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Bike

The Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike comes with a myriad of amazing features suitable for young girls. It is equipped with 6-speed gearing, Shimano Revo Shifters.

This feature enables your child to enjoy a comfortable and easy ride. The 6-speed gearing with Shimano Revo has a twist grip that allows your young one to change gear for each terrain.

This bike also comes with an 11-inch Steel Dual Suspension Frame. The advantage of this feature is that it allows for an endless amount of off-road adventures. These suspensions can absorb the most difficult terrain thus securing both comfort and safety for your little girl.

The Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is further equipped with 20-inch Black Alloy Wheels. These are augmented by the ATB Tread Tires, 20” × 1.95”.

These high range tires have a firm grip on the road and can cope with the wet and muddy weather. This means that even on a snowy, wet and muddy weekend, your daughter can play with the others. You need not worry about her slipping in the mud.

This bike also features front and rear V-braking system, which offers a powerful ability to stop. With brakes being one of the most important functions in bikes, your child’s safety is assured.

It is further equipped with an adjustable saddle height and handlebar. This means that although your daughter may be small, the bike affords an option for adjustment. Your 8-year-old daughter will definitely fit on this bike.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Cant Wait For My Little Princess To See Her New Birthday Present.”  Samantha

Customer Satisfaction

In general, the Muddyfox Energy 20 Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is a great bike with white and pink mature look. It suits any girl between the ages of 8 and 11 quite well. All its features combined make it a top-class bike.

It is very easy to assemble and requires minimal effort. This bike’s steel build makes it a formidable match for any given terrain and the young girl is assured of an exciting experience.

This Muddyfox Energy 20” Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike has a great build that will ensure marvellous and adventurous experiences for any young girl. It is a great birthday present for any girl and definitely assures usability for a couple of years.

Always ensure that your little daughter is fully protected with protective gear before mounting the bike for her adventures.

Also, it is important to ensure that you assembled all the parts correctly and to ensure that the breaks function aptly. After all, better safe than sorry. Right? Invest in a bike lock. Read our bike security article.

Common Questions

Will this bike last?

Yes, it will. This mountain bike is specially built to last. With features such as Alloy rims, steel suspensions, and steel frames, the bike guarantees your daughter durability. This bike will definitely outlast your daughter long after she outgrows it.

Can I get help with assembling it?

Yes, you can. In case you are too busy to assemble the bike or find it difficult, there are options. First, you have the option of contacting the customer support line. They are prompt in assisting their customers, and you will find assistance in no time.

The second option is having a trained mechanic assemble the bike in your home. A professional mechanic will schedule a suitable time to assemble the bike for you. That way, you save time and are assured of a perfectly assembled and safe bike for your daughter.

Is this bike available in my area, and how can I get one?

Yes, it is. This mountain bike is available everywhere. All you have to do is make an order. These bikes are also available in online stores. It is as easy as dialing the number or making an online order. Once the order for the purchase is made and payment was done, you will receive the bike at your designated address.

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It is a cost-effective bike considering all the marvellous features.

The Muddyfox Energy 20” Girls Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is especially designed for girls between the ages of 8 and 11. In case you have a daughter, niece or granddaughter you need to impress, this is a perfect choice.

It is particularly engineered for durability as its components are made of steel.