The Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike is one of the best bikes for boys available in the market today. It has a very special design which makes it suitable for any type of road including hard trails and well-made roads.

Stylish design and attractive as well. Can provide a great riding experience with loads of fun.


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Benefits and Features

Firstly, the Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike has a 17-inch dual suspension frame made out of steel. A dual suspension feature includes two shock absorbing suspensions in the front fork and the rear frame of the bicycle.

As a result, this bike has the ability to absorb shock impacts from its both ends while riding on rugged paths, filled with obstacles.

This bike comes with an advanced brake system which includes dual V-brakes or Brake Leavers and two finger adjustable V-brakes. The rider can come to sudden halts very easily without any risk of crashing or falling over.

Thus, this bike is really suitable for riding through steeper lands and down-hills.

secondly, the Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike consists of a gear system including the Shimano 18 Speed Twist Grip. This gives the rider the ability to change between 18 different speeds depending on his moods and preferences.

Furthermore, this bike has ATB steel 580mm handlebars which offer better control and positioning to the rider. Its Bottom Bracet contains 5 pieces ATB and a Cr-mo Axle.

This bike has 24-inch tyres with 1.95 tread making it very stable on any type of road. The Schrader Valves in the tyre tubes ensure that the tyres will not get damaged easily due to sharp objects on the road.

These tyres are very good against uneven and rugged surfaces. Tyres can be used for a very long time without any replacement.

This bike comes with a leg size of 28-30″ and any child fitting into that category can ride it quite easily. Muddyfox Delta 24″ is a little bit heavier than other models and it weighs about 16kg. However, its weight does not make it any less user-friendly or hard to handle at all.

Thirdly, the Muddyfox Delta 24″ Boys Bike comes with a special design to ensure the safety of its riders. It has a double plastic chain guard that covers the KMC steel chain. This prevents any kind of contact injury from happening.

On the top of the double plastic chain guard is the vinyl weather resistant saddle. A very comfortable design. Along with the shock-absorbing fork suspensions,  prevents any back injury from happening to the rider while riding through steeper grounds and hills.

Customer satisfaction

Usually, the customers are very satisfied with the overall performance of the Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike. This bike is very popular among both kids and parents alike.

It is ideal for boys whose age is in between 9-12 years. Comes in very attractive black and green models.

Parents are very much interested in buying dual suspension bikes as they provide a very good back support, preventing any kind of back injury from affecting the child.

Common questions

Is this bike durable?

This bike is a very strong and long lasting one and has a rigid frame made out of steel. Secondly, the tyres which are well capable of withstanding many obstacles. Additionally, the gear and brake systems are also very advanced and reliable.

Thus, you don’t have to worry a bit of its durability. It is well-constructed to tolerate any harsh condition out there on the roads; be it on the streets or muddy trails. Your kid will be able to use this bike for a very long time.

Will my child be able to ride the Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike?

This bike is ideal for the boys of the age group 9-12 years. Any boy of this age category who has a leg size of 28-30” can use this bike with so much ease. It includes many features just to ensure the safety of its rider. So, you do not have to worry. Perfect for your kid.

Do I have to assemble Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike myself?

This bike comes in a pre-assembled state where more than 80% has already been assembled. You will have only very basic assembling to do before using. If you have a question regarding the assembling process you can always contact customer care and ask for help. In case of missing parts, they are ready to supply them to you without any hesitance.

Advice on using Muddyfox Delta 24 Boys Dual Suspension Bike

Before letting your kid go on his first ride, make sure to check for any missed fittings or malfunctions. It is always better to confirm safety first to avoid any unexpected accidents from happening.



  • Muddyfox Delta 24″ Boys Dual Suspension Bike has a special design which is suitable for young boys.

  • Capable of riding over uneven grounds filled with many obstacles.

  •  A very safe bike for young boys.

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