Muddyfox Cruise 26” Folding Bike Review




Muddyfox Cruise 26” Folding Bike


Searching For A Folding Bike Than You Can Be Proud Of, Muddyfox Have Over 25 Years Experience In The Bike Industry

Muddyfox Cruise 26” Folding Bike Review

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox Cruise 26” Folding Bike



Muddyfox Cruise Comes With a Steel Frame

Designed For Commuting

The Muddyfox Cruise Mountain Bike Is Designed For Commuting.


6 Shimano Gears

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Muddyfox Cruise 26” Folding Bike


The Muddyfox Cruise 26” folding bike is proven to be a wonderful bike for anyone looking for a smooth ride. Muddyfox’s roots were built in the mountains, but this compact bike can be used perfectly in the streets and parks.

This bike is considered a staple addition to the Muddyfox lineup, and if you’re thinking about buying this bike, you’ll be happy with this extensive review on the product. This stylish bike is meant to turn heads on the street with its sleek design. However, it can be used to pound through trails and jumps alike.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox Cruise 26” Folding Bike

  • The features and benefits of the Muddyfox Cruise 26” folding bike are great. The bike features a smooth six-speed gearing with a nice 26” set of wheels that’s supported by black alloy. The front suspension has a flexible fork that makes riding the bike on trails and through curbs a breeze.

    This bike is designed for the ages of 12 and up, and its steel frame ensures the bike can take a beating for a couple years.

    When the bike is fully set up, the weight totals out to only 12kg. The bike has a 19” frame, and it’s specifically designed for the road or to hit some trails.

    The bike fits any guy from 26” to 34” legs.

    While this bike does require some assembly, it’s incredibly compact. It’s loved for it’s fit inside of small vehicles and tight spaces. The Muddyfox Cruise was designed to roll, and with its ability to combine its foldable design with a smooth ride, bikers will be left in awe of its combination of style and ridability.

    The style of the Cruise is also undeniably matched as its compared to other foldable bike models throughout the market. This bike is high-quality, but it provides an incredibly smooth ride for everyone who has the luck of hopping on.

    While the bike does provide a great guarantee, it’s important to note that the tires and the tubes are excluded from the available options. However, the frame and suspensions are fully covered. This makes the bike far more reliable than most other small-market manufacturers around.


  • Features -86 %
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 95%

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Customer Satisfaction

Users have been raving about the Muddyfox Cruise 26” folding bike. Whether bikers are hitting the streets or they’re taking the bike on to the trails, they are loving the handling of this high-quality bike. The cost of this Muddyfox may be modest, but the command and control of the bike are considered unparalleled. There’s an obvious reason why this bike is well-liked among its customers.

Firstly, the style of the bike is well beloved. The bike looks sleek and light on inspection; but the moment the bike is taken out to an adventure, it responds well. If the rider is looking to hit a dirt path close to home, the Muddyfox Cruise 26” folding bike is the perfect bike to use to cruise through the trail. At the same time, the bike can quickly be flipped out to hit the busy streets with ease. A lot of bikes who have incredible maneuverability, lack the suspension. This is not the case here.

The Cruise is great for both worlds, and it’s no surprise that users are raving about the product


Common Questions

You may be wondering whether you should take a dive into a MuddyFox Cruise 26” folding bike. Here are some frequently asked questions about the bike.

Is this Foldable Bike Reliable?

A lot of people wonder why this bike should be trusted for an investment that’s fit to last at least a couple of years. Thankfully, you’ll be happy to know that this bike can take a beating and still work well. It can operate in the snow just as well as the summer heat. It’s a bike that can be used anywhere, and it can support a wide range of activity without breaking.



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In Conclusion For those who are looking to fit a bike into an apartment or a small car, the Cruise is going to be the perfect bike for to consider. Bikes have a tendency to be a drag to transport. If you have a knack for packing up for the weekend, you may want to be able to throw your bike in without buying a rack.

On the other hand, some people are looking for a way to easily fit their bike into a closet or behind the couch after a long day.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile bike or one that can consolidate, you’re going to love what the Cruise brings to the table. There isn’t anything better than a stylish bike that has good control. Well, the only way to make it better is by being foldable. That’s exactly what the Cruise brings to the table.

This bike is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. It works well in the city, and it can run smoothly through trails and rolling hills. This bike is an absolute winner for anyone who’s looking for an affordable, but nice bike.