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Muddyfox Boys Race24 kids Road Bike

Investing In A New Road Bike For Your Boy. Muddyfox Are A Respected English Bike Brand Known For Their Quality.



Muddyfox Boys Race24 kids Road Bike

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14 Shimano Gears

Road Bike Frame

Road Bike Tyres


What Can The Muddyfox Boys Race24 kids Road Bike Be Used For?

The Muddyfox Boys Race24 Kids Road Bike Has Been Designed For The Road.


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An English Bike Brand With Over 25 Years In The Bike Industry.

Muddyfox Boys Race24 Kids Road Bike

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Muddyfox Boys Race24 Kids Road Bike

Muddyfox race24 boys road bike is the best pick if you are finding a bike for your kid of the 9-12 years of age. If you want to gift your kid a bike, then this is the best option for you.

Spend a decent amount on buying a Muddyfox Race24 bike for your kid and make him happy. Its 14″ Alloy Road Bike Frame allow the kids to use even when they are grown up. So this is a value for money offer. The bike is specially designed to give boys their style of riding and a great experience. Road bikes are suitable to be driven on roads as well as on the flat surfaces. Road bikes are designed for the safety, speed, comfort, and compatibility.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Boys Race24 Kids Road Bike

Muddyfox race 24 bike is a combination of style and smartness. It weighs around 14 kg, and it is best suitable for the boys of 9-12 age group. Its design allows it to be light and fast on the road.

Its weight makes it durable, and its steel aero straight blade front forks give it a stunning look. It got alloy road handlebars for much better bike handling grip. The best-built quality of the bike makes sure that it is strong enough for uneven roads too.

The 14 speed Shimano A070 gears with integrated gear shifters are quite smooth in gear shifting and braking. Shimano A070 gives a very premium feel with pro wheel alloy chainset – 50/34T when riding which boys like in their age.

It is equipped with Tektro Front and rear caliper for effective braking control to ensure the safety of your child. 24” double-walled alloy wheels with 24′ x 1′ slick road tires make sure that your kid enjoys a smooth ride with the best grip on the road. It comes with the wellgo alloy pedals with toe clip that your child won’t miss a paddle while riding the bike.

Junior race saddle with bumpers helps in comfortable seating. The whole bike is designed with the premium features like alloy and best in market technology. This bike is recommended for inside leg measurement of 24-28 inches. The suitable age group to ride the bike is of 9-12. This bike is specially designed for the boys of young age and made durable taking in consideration their needs.

  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Could Not Wait To Buy My Son His First Road Bike. We Are Going To Have So Much Fun.” Dominic

Customer Satisfaction

Muddyfox race24 is an example of the best design according to the demand and likings of its targeted group. The bike is manufactured in a way that it is a safe riding bike for the young ones.

The built quality of bike with its lightweight frame and alloy material used in most of the parts makes it more stylish and attractive. It is easy to use for boys with a height of 133 cm to 150 cm. It’s easy to assemble and setup adjustments make it more durable.


Common Questions

What size bike is suitable for my child?


Children sometimes like some particular bikes which are similar to their friends or elders, but choosing a right bike for the children is the primary duty of parents. The height of child matters a lot for the selection of the bike size. This bike is suitable for the height between 133 cm to 150 cm children. Moreover, some bikes made by different manufacturers varies from the scope and built design, so this bike is perfect for the age group of 9-12 years of age. The 24″ inch alloy wheel makes it durable for this particular age group.


Is this road bike is safe for my child?


Safety is not an issue with this bike as it is fitted with best Tektro Front and rear caliper brakes which allows the rider to control the bike with ease. Moreover, its 24″ x 1″ slick road tires ensure the perfect grip on the road or flat surface and avoid the skidding.


How will it be delivered to us?


Primarily all the bikes are sold part constructed, but there are the specific parts which need to fix and managed before using it like gears, brakes for the first time and also for the regular maintenance of the bike. In case you face any difficulty using it, or if any part is undelivered then place a call to the customer care executive who will be pleased to help you.


Measure to be taken before using.


Before using it for the first time, thoroughly inspect the connectors of each part of the bike. Carefully attach the parts which need to be connected so that any incident is avoided. Regularly check and manage the bike for the safety of your child.


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  • Muddyfox race24 boys road bike has the best-built quality, as the significant part of the bike is made up of alloy and makes it safe.
  • It is a full value for money option with the premium features.
  • Young one will surely like its design and mechanism including gearing and braking.