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Bicycle Motorcross


In our investigation into the Muddyfox BMX we first look at the history of BMX’s. BMX stands for Bicycle Motorcross and are known for using at the skate park for jumps, tricks and performing stunts.

The popularity of the BMX was established in the 1970’s when children would pretend to be riding a motor cross and would race each other with a number in the front of the bike and compete with each other.

Moving forward to today and the BMX has become very popular with BMX racing and competing in the Olympics. Freestyle BMX has professional riders that are sponsored by big names in competitions like the X games. We will now look at the type of riding that you can do on the Muddyfox BMX. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of bmxs


Freestyle BMX


A freestyle in bikes are designed for performing stunts on skate parks, dirt jumps and on the streets. The BMX frame, wheels, materials and components must be equally built for strength and manoeuvrability.

In addition, race BMX’s are designed for speed and acceleration, so the manufacture often uses materials that are lightweight and use geometry that is easy to control and hard wearing that can withstand the odd bump or scrap.


Why Should You Buy A Muddyfox BMX




BMX is an exciting past time that will give the rider plenty of hours of excitement as they master a new trick, ride down a hill, over a puddle or over a jump they have just spent hours building. Regardless of a rider being at entry level or a professional the Muddyfox BMX will enable the rider to have fun. Essentially why you see three-year olds and thirty-year olds riding BMX’s.




Riding the Muddyfox BMX the rider will be sure to burn calories as the rider will be constantly lifting and moving the BMX. A bunny hope uses the same muscles a deadlift, pumping is similar to squatting and riding quickly from one location to another is essentially the same movement as an exercise bike.

Riding the Muddyfox BMX the rider will be sure to have a whole-body workout. BMX can be very demanding and even a small amount of time on the BMX will give you a workout you would normally get from a personal trainer.




Learning a new past time is a brilliant way to build new friendships as a rider will be able to meet individuals with similar interests, regardless of their age, gender, wealth or race. There is a BMX community in the majority of city towns and the rider will be able to meet like-minded individuals that they can share their passion of BMX.

Physical & Mental Challenge


Riding the Muddyfox BMX will give the rider not only a physical challenge put a mental one too. A high intense workout will be sure to improve an individual’s mental focus. Pushing oneself to master simple tricks will lead the rider to learn more complex tricks that will help boost the rider’s confidence and self-esteem.

If a rider has had a hard day, the Muddyfox BMX will offer the rider the perfect way to forget about any stress’s or worries that life brings. Learning new skills and not quite mastering is what turns the BMX’S into an art.

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Maintaining Your BMX


You have just purchased your brand new Muddyfox BMX and now there are few things that will help keep your bike in check.


Tire pressure


One of the most important maintenance checks is to check the tire pressure. It is possible to fill the tires on your muddyfox BMX too much and you need to fill the tires to the required PSI level. ( Check the manuel). A good habit to get into is to check the tires pressure before every commute.


Chain & Bearings


The chain and bearings are important to being able to the overall functional of the BMX. Make sure the bearings and chain are greased up on regular basis. If you intend to use your muddyfox BMX on a regular basis then you need to take maintenance seriously.


Bars & Stem


The muddyfox BMX bars and stem are constantly under pressure so its important that the rider checks that they haven’t become too lose. Use a wrench to make sure they are always tight and that your BMX looks in good condition with straight bars. Improving your BMX safety will allow rider to master tricks a lot easier.

Features & Benefits

Muddyfox BMX




The Silverfox Plank comes with a steel frame that gives the rider plenty of stability as Steel is a strong material that is designed to withstand the odd bump or scrap. Silverfox have equipped the Silverfox with a BMX frame that allows the rider to easily control the BMX.



Situations can quickly chance when a rider is on his BMX. The rider can react quickly and safely with a pair of V brakes. V brakes are designed to allow the rider to perform an emergency stop with less effort and is ideal for entry level. A brilliant safety feature.



The rider will have plenty of grip with a set of BMX tires that will offer the rider plenty of support while they try and master new stunts and tricks. An impressive set of alloy wheels will be sure to make sure the rider is the envy of the local skating park.


Additional Features


The Silverfox Plank comes with a pair of stunt pegs and chain guard. You may like to read our article on are silverfox bikes any good?



  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Am So Excited To See My Sons Face When He Sees His  New BMX” Will

Common Questions


Can you fit stabilisers instead of stunt pegs?


Yes, that is possible.


Do you need to assemble the Silverfox?


Yes, you would need to assemble the BMX. However, a helpful and instructional manuel is provided. It may be worth getting a family member or a friend to help


What is the weight of the BMX?


11.5 Kilograms.


What is the size of the BMX?


18 inch.


What can the Silverfox be used for?


The Plank BMX can be used for a variety of terrains whether that be the skate park, trails or on the street.

Encouraging your child to use their BMX regularly will hopefully help them get in a good habit of having an active life style that they will take into their adult life. A BMX bike is a good choice of bike if you’re not sure what type of bike to buy as it can be used for multiple purposes.

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Where To Ride Your Muddyfox BMX





One of the most popular forms of riding is “Street Riding” as a rider just needs to open their front door and head out to the empty car parks or a quiet road and start to master the basic tricks.

Street riding is exactly what you make it and the muddyfox is built with a lightweight frame that is easily to control and the rider will be pleasantly surprised how much fun they will have especially on a Sunday as the streets are the emptiest.


Skate Parks’s


Skateparks appeared in the 80’s in California when the boom of skateboards began and disused swimming pools were turned into skate parks.

In the UK, Skate parks started to become popular in the 70’s as they offer the most challenging types of terrain. The majority of skate parks are un supervised leaving it up to the rider to choose to wear a helmet on their brand new muddyfox BMX.

Skate parks are built by the local council and deigned using concrete or wood. In some location, for example the Milton Keynes bus Station has in built ledges and railings. Furthermore, Indoor skate parks are normally supervised with helmet hire available.



BMX trails are one of the most satisfying parts of BMX as a rider can explore their local surroundings and go on an adventure.

You will not normally find lists off your local Trails on the internet, and you will have to ask a friend in the BMX community to point you in the right direction. Working with the BMX community and designing their own jumps will be satisfying in a summers day when you push your muddyfox bmx and yourself to your full potential.

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