If you are looking for a quality bike, Muddyfox Avenger 20″ might just the best cycle out for you with best value solution in the market. Sturdy and Strong, this bike is the one which is well recognized and designed for its depth and quality on the roads. Different people from different places are going to prefer to get a Muddyfox bike anyway, given their impressive depth of detail and consistency regardless of the terrain.

Muddyfox Avenger 20″ has so many different qualities and one of those best parts of the Muddyfox Typhoon 24, though, is how comfortable it is. Muddyfox has released its summer range of mountain bikes. There are different bikes which are not that much comfortable to be enjoyed; only Muddyfox Bikes are the pure solution for this uncomfortable. It comes in blue and white colors.

Should you really spend that money on a bike? Let’s take a quick look at why should you choose this bike over other bikes.

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Benefit/ Features

This bike is offering plenty of good controls and comfort, with perfect size to drive for any child or men, this bike give complete comfortable journey. As this is a mountain bike so it is easy to ride this bike on jungles or different trails as riding it on clear roads. Dual-suspension frame makes sure to provide stable base for its riders. It has 2 finger brake levers and dual V-Brakes. This helps us for a comfortable cycling opportunity.

This bike helps to improve children’s confidences that are afraid of falling down while cycling around with the help of their comfortable and flexible frame.

This cycle is good choice to work with even children for any child with a leg size of 28-30”. This cycle is using 24” x 1.95 ATB tyres. Fine KMC is used to make the chain f this cycle which makes sure that it will give comfort as much as control.

Customer satisfaction:

We always try to give proper satisfaction to our customer, when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. We would like you to buy a bike which is comfortable and best for your choice when you go to market. However, we would love to make you believe that Muddyfox Avenger 20″ is the best mountain bike out in the market.

Its relatively light weight, comfortable style makes this cycle completely professional for any child. This bike gives you complete value for your money and child

Common Question’s

  1. What is that makes your bikes different from others?

Ans.           That’s a really good question, but as I told you before, our flexible design and comfortable modeling makes our bikes different from other bikes. , Muddyfox Avenger is different from other bikes because of its prices as well.

  1. Is this bike good for 9 years old?

Ans.           No, this bike is made for anyone who is above 12 years of age. I would really recommend you not to use this bike for your child is less than 12 years old.

  1. What is total weight of this bike?

Ans.           This bike weighs over 13 kg. One more thing, when you will get this bike, this will be 90% assemble, rest of the 10% you would need to assemble by yourself, that is the reason we wrote 10 kg on Amazon.


This bike is total package for your child if you want safety and comfort-ability for them. This mountain bike has different features and qualities so here is the conclusion that I would love to say or declare here.

  • From all above mentioned qualities and questions answers, this is clear that this bike is one of the best bikes out there as it provides complete comfortably as well as care for your children.
  • This is the perfect bike for your son when you and him are going out or having fun in street. This bike is also useful for you and your child if you are going off road and planning some adventure.
  • The size and design of this bike gives complete confidence to children who are afraid to drive this bike out in public. This bike also comes with the classy look and the good pricing packages with the stylish features which give complete safety and performance. There are very few bikes in the market which can compete with Muddyfox Avenger.
  • Also, it has a powerful 20” steel frame and good adjustable shock, which means that this bike has got a fair size and weight. With less weight it would be easier for your child to drive this bike as compare to those heavy bikes.

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