When it comes to getting toys for your kids, you have countless options. The variety seems to be endless and goes on and on. On Amazon the toy and games section has about 4 million toys.

You would want to get your child a gift he/she loves and be confident that is this is the ONE. There are numerous options and choices available for toys according to age.

Toy manufacturers are particularly good at setting out the intended user of the toy like providing the recommended ages on packaging. And somehow they just know what the kids will love! There is one thing that is loved by both young boys and girls and i.e. a bike of their own! How about you get your kid a bike?

Parents love to give mountain bikes as gifts as it is the first step in giving the kids independence. Before buying a bike, there are number of things to consider like weight, suspension, hand brakes, style, design and handling

. Parents want to get something that is durable and gives longevity. You would want to give your child something he can use and enjoy for a long time.

Kids love their bikes, whether it is their first bike or they are graduating from a balance bicycle of 12 inches, kids love to have their own fun ride they can use and show off to friends. Having a bike especially a mountain bike of your own not only gives your child really a healthy exercise equipment, it saves you from pick and drop trouble as well!

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Following are the features of 20 inch Muddyfox Alpha Mountain Bike:

  • Muddyfox alpha comes with a robust Steel Frame With Muddyfox Suspenion Forks
  • It features 20 inch Black Alloy Rims with Offroad Tyres
  • Front & Rear V-brakes
  • 6 speed Gearing with Shimano Revo-Shifter
  • Finished in Met. Green and Blue


 Customer Satisfaction

The 20 inch Muddyfox Alpha Mountain Bike is just the right bike to get for your child if he 7-10 year old.

Muddyfox is the first mountain bike brand of Europe and is been in the business for a long time manufacturing bikes, clothing and footwear both for kids and adults.

If you are seeking the best mountain bike for your 7-10 year old, the 20 inch Muddyfox Alpha Mountain Bike is the best choice for your youngster. Whenever you want get something whether it is for home, yourself or your child, it is essential to consider the price and your budget too.

Do not over exert yourself stressing over the cost go for that item that comes in reasonable price and delivers the value of that price. Toys are expensive sure but the 20 inch Muddyfox Alpha Mountain Bike comes at a very reasonable price!.

Guide to Buying the Best Kid’s Bike:


Now here are some helpful pointers to act as a guide for you while getting a bike for your kid:

  • Quality:

You need to check that the bike is made of good quality durable material. It should be well-made according to kid’s need. And it should be easy to handle check everything from brake pads, chain condition, tire air pressure.

  • Arm Reach:

Nowadays the new bikes in the market often are too long for height making the kids too stretched out towards the handlebars that creates issues in turning or reacting to brakes. Kids should have a relaxed and comfortable posture that allows their arms to easily reach the handlebars. They should be able to step down the bike easily with their feet flat on the ground sliding off the seat to do so.

  • Weight:

The bike’s weight greatly impacts on the fun and maneuvering of child’s bike compared to adult’s bike. This is because children are smaller and weight less. So you need to see that your child is able to handle the bike’s weight and it shouldn’t be too heavy.

  • Cranks:

Like adult, children also need to have cranks that are about 20% of the length of their inside leg. Another rule of thumb quoted frequently is a tenth of overall height and though it tends to yield a longer measurement, it is quite close. Some of us happen to have inside leg measurements which are half of our height.

  • Wheels and Brakes:

For small riders the scaling needs to be down as well as the wheels. Kids are small and in the beginning it is difficult to handle big wheels. Larger wheels do roll over bumps better but at the same time they are heavier that means more inertia that makes the steering less responsive.

At the same time, the reach to bars tends to be greater as distance to bottom bracket to front axle is greater. All of these factors combined make a larger bike that becomes difficult for a child to control. Brake levers do not really need scaling down as you can easily use the two-finger adult levers. They need to be within easy reaching of the bars and easy to operate.

  • Suspension Forks:

For small children, air sprung forks tends to be the best choice as they are adjustable to suit the weight of the growing rider and lighter. Coil forks require springs that are light weight. Rigid forks are better performing than bad suspension forks and stiction tends to be a common problem on children’s fork as kids lack the mass of moving sticky fork on anything but big hits.

With 20 inch Muddyfox Alpha Mountain Bike, your child can ride just like the pros. Muddyfox has been in the bike manufacturing business since 25 years and is well aware of the biking needs of both kids and adults.

The 20 inch Muddyfox Alpha Mountain Bike geared with numerous features, is the best bike available at the best price. Extremely light and durable with off-road tires along with front and rear V brakes delivers an exhilarating biking experience. And all cycles come with 12 month manufacturer warranty.

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