Is your boy always feeling restless? Does he require something that’s fun to do and can keep him entertained for hours? Then what you need is the muddyfox 24-inch sniper boy’s bike. This particular bike is one of muddyfox range of mountain bike, meaning your kid could race down a hill or explore the roughest terrains on this without worrying about damaging it.

The bike is a perfect combination of strength and versatility making it easy to use in any situation or location with maximum satisfaction. So if you’ve been looking for a gift for your boy, look no further.

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The muddyfox 24inch sniper boy’s bike is designed with a rigid 16inch steel frame. The frames are a front suspension frame. The sturdy nature of the structure makes it so that you can use the bike in any terrain be it muddy or hill, as well as on the streets.

It also comes equipped with a dual v-brake system as well as a two-finger, v-brake compatible lever that can be adjusted easily. This is so that your child can quickly come to a stop whenever he desires.

Another excellent feature on this bike is the gear, a Shimano 18-speed twist grip gear. The gear is an essential part of a bike, and it’s what allows you to come to a sudden halt or brake down hard particularly when you’ve been cycling rather fast. The 24-inch alloy wheels have a 1.95 ATB thread count that makes it suitable for any road and gives the bike that stability and grip they need on the road.

The muddyfox 24inch sniper boy’s bike weighs approximately 14kg. This means that your child will have no problems carrying it from the house down to the street and back. The tire tubes are made from durable and long lasting Schrader valves. The valves are particularly hard to puncture unless by a very sharp object. The handlebars are 580mm ATB steel, another great reason why this bike is so sturdy.  

The bike also has a leg size of 28-30inch. This makes it ideal for kid’s between the ages of 9 to 12 to comfortably ride the bike without it being too small or too big. That way they can reach the pedals and cycle around with ease from across a vinyl weather resistant saddle.

The saddle sits on top of the chainguard, which is mounted on the chainring. The chains are 1/2 x 3/32 inch KMC steel. The chain guard helps to keep your child’s legs away from the chain as they can cause injuries, particularly to the ankle if not adequately protected.

Customer satisfaction

The muddyfox 24inch sniper boy’s bike is just the right kind of bike for every boy between the ages of 9 to 12. The features make it such a great bike that’s certainly worth its money.

It is also easy to assemble meaning you can have it ready for use in mere minutes. The rigid steel frame makes this a very durable bike that your kid can enjoy for years before outgrowing. The colors make it a little more favorable for boys, but nothing is stopping you from getting it for your girl child too if they’re into cool colors.

Common questions

Is the item durable?

The muddyfox 24inch sniper boy’s bike is an incredibly durable bike that can last for years. Because it was designed with kids in mind, and knowing how they can get into all sorts of mischief, muddyfox built this bike to last through and terrain your child can think of riding it through.

Are there any other sizes?

This bike comes in only one size, the 16inch. It was specifically designed for kids between the ages of 9 to 12 years old. If you would prefer a bike in a different size, you can check out other muddyfox products.

What is the total weight?

The bike was designed to make it as easy as possible for your child to use. It weighs about 14kg, so your nine years old will have no problems carrying this around whenever he wants to go for a ride.

Is it cumbersome?

The muddyfox sniper was designed to be sturdy while still comfortable for a child to use. The weight of this bike will never be a problem for your child.

Advice using Muddyfox 24″ Sniper Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike

Safety should always be your number one priority so before letting your child go out on this bike, make sure he is wearing the right protective gear and equipment. Also, check to make sure that everything is in proper working condition. If you detect an issue anywhere, carry out immediate action to fix it before letting you child go out and enjoy this bike.


  • The solid black and blue colors of the frames makes this a perfect bike for boys of a slightly older age (9-12).
  • It is entirely worth its money as it empowers your child with the right equipment and confidence to tackle the great outdoors.
  • An ideal bike to help your child navigate the roughest terrains with ease.

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