Bikers have been yearning for the perfect bike which will ensure that they do have some wonderful and unforgettable outdoor experiences. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike ” has been brought into existence.

This is indeed technology at its best as it has been able to ensure that innovation is redefined for users to have firsthand feeling of the ultimate biking experience.

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Every great bike is known for having features which are completely outstanding and amazing. Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike  isn’t any different as it has features which will ensure that users are blown away by its functionalities. Some of these features will be listed below.

  • It has a weight of about 14kg
  • Its brand happens to be Muddyfox
  •  Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike comes in two colors to give users options. These are white and black
  • characterized by Dual V-brakes as its brake type
  • frame is characterized by that of front suspension (frame)
  • I manufactured to be used by boys
  • Front suspension happens to be its suspension type
  • Its V-brake is very much adjustable
  • Imodel is MO36290
  • The size of its wheel is 24″
  • It is characterized by Suspension Forks
  • The material which has been used in producing it is Steel
  • Its handlebars are ATB Steel (580mm)
  • Schrader Valves are its tyretubes
  • KMC Steel is its chain
  • It is characterized by two finger brake levellers


Muddyfox 24″ Prevail Boys Mountain Bike has been able to stay ahead of other bikes and that is why people are making use of it more than ever before. Some of its benefits are:

  • can be easily made use of
  • easy to carry around due to its light nature
  • very durable bike
  • assembling the Muddyfox 24″ Prevail Boys Mountain Bike

Customer Satisfaction

It may interest you to know that Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike ” has been able to live up to the expectations of people who have been searching for the most reliable mountain bike to get for their kids.

This is because it is very up to date in terms of the features that it has been designed with. The producers have definitely ensured that no stone is left unturned in the process of designing this bike for kids.

Customer Questions

Do you have any doubt about Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike that you would like to get cleared so as to have yourself convinced before making the purchase? What you are going to be discovering below are some of the questions pertaining to this mountain bike which has been asked by others.

These questions should help you get convinced more about its features. Some of them are listed below.

Question 1

Is it majorly for kids?


This mountain bike has been referred as what has been made for boys within the age range of 9 and 12 years. However, leg measurement can also play a major role to determine whether it can suit you or not. This means that if you’ve got leg measurement of about 28″ – 30″, it can still be perfect for you.

Question 2

Can it be shipped to any country?


Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain  Bike isn’t shipped to all countries as of now. However, you can still make some special arrangements to have it shipped to you in any country you may be residing in at the moment. Also, know that delivery rate will vary with the various destinations.

 Question 3

Are there any batteries included?


No, there aren’t.

Why You Should Get ThE Muddyfox 24″ Prevail Boys Mountain Bike

Are you in search of the perfect mountain bike that you can get for your kids for an outdoor experience which is ultimate? This is one bike that has proven to tick all the boxes in such regards. Below are some of the reasons why you need to take advantage of the Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike  today.

  • light weight makes it to be 100% mobile
  • Muddyfox 24 Prevail Boys Mountain Bike design is highly appealing
  • Very affordable
  •  simple nature which makes it to be easily made use of by kids

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