If you have been searching for a cute bicycle to gift your daughter,  Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike will be a good choice for you. It has a nice design and a good appearance. It can attract any young girl with its eye-catching purple colour.

Above all, it is very easy to handle.  Thus, it is one of the perfect bike choices to gift to a little girl and let her have that memorable first cycle experience.

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Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike features many interesting qualities that make it one of the best out there in the market. It comes in a dual suspension 17’ steel frame with 24” alloy wheels.

Dual suspension feature includes shock absorbent systems in both front and back of the bicycle. As result, it has the ability to absorb any kind of shock, especially when riding down hills.

It has a branded Shimano revoshift gear system that includes 18 gears with Revoshift shifters. This provides the opportunity to acquire 18 different speeds depending on the situation.

In addition, it has front V-type and rear V-type brakes. With the help of these brakes, she can make sudden halts whenever needed.

Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike has 24” wheels made up of an alloy. It also has ATB tyres. These 24” wheels together with rugged tyres provide a better grip on uneven ground. It is suitable for both city roads and country trails.

Thus, your little girl will be able to ride even on hard and challenging surfaces without being afraid of falling down.

This bicycle has a leg size of 24-28 inches. If the length of the legs of your daughter matches with the range of the bicycle, your girl will not face any difficulty while riding it. It is true that little girls easily get scared when it comes to riding their very first bicycle.

Yet, if her leg size matches with that of the cycle, she will reach the paddle while sitting on the saddle with so much ease and confidence.
This gorgeous purple bike usually weighs about 15kg when fully assembled.

However, it is still easy to manage. It requires very minimal assembly. In addition, this cycle usually comes with a one year warranty.

Customer satisfaction

Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike has been specially designed to meet the demands of young girls. It is suitable for girls of 9 years or older. It ensures that each one of them gets an unforgettable cycling experience.

Thus, it has become widely popular among both parents and kids alike. They are very much satisfied with its design and its overall performance. It has a very simple yet stylish and sophisticated design.

At the same time, it is well capable of providing a fun ride. It takes only a couple of minutes to put it together. Most of its parts come in the pre-assembled state. As a result, customers do not have to worry much about putting it together in the correct way

Common questions

Is the Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike durable?

This bike has been created using a steel frame with alloy wheels. It also has a shock absorbing dual suspension system. Thus, this bicycle is really strong and it can withstand many unfavorable conditions. It is definitely a long lasting bicycle.

As long as your daughter fits into the leg size category of the bike, she will be able to use it for a very long time.
Is this bike easy to use?

Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike is a bike that you can use with so much ease. It comes in a state where more than half of it is already assembled. It takes only a few minutes for you to put it together.

On the other hand, it has a very simple yet highly user-friendly design. It is very easy to handle and maintain. It has quality gear systems and brake systems.

What to do if some parts are missing?

Normally, this bike comes with more than 50% of it being pre-assembled. Therefore, you will have very little work to do on your side.

If you feel that some parts are missing and the assembly is not complete, you can always contact their customer service and ask for a solution. They will provide you with the necessary parts without any hesitation at all.

Advice on using Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike

Before letting your child try out the brand new bicycle, make sure to check every part of it to see whether they function properly or not.

Also, do not forget to double check whether you have done the assembly in the correct way or not. If you follow these precautions you will be able to avoid any unnecessary bike accidents that might happen.

Conclusion: Muddyfox 24 Inca Ladies bike


It has a very stylish and an attractive girlish design.
Durable bicycle with advanced gear and brake systems.
Anyone can assemble it quite easily.

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