If you’ve been looking for a perfect mountain bike for your child, then look no further than the Muddyfox 20″ Download Full Suspension Mountain Bike. As a full suspension bike, it is able to absorb shock from the front and the back, giving your child an easier time with riding.

It is a great bike for both boys and girls with its all black coloring and blue decal highlights, your child is guaranteed to fall in love with this bike from the first look.

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The Muddyfox 20″ Download Full Suspension Mountain Bike with a frame size of 13 inches. The frames were made especially from steel to help your child traverse through any road and any terrain. It’s also ideal for muddy environments too. Furthermore, the bikes come with the full (front and rear) v-brakes system as well as two fingers adjustable v-brake compatible lever. The flexible nature of the brake lever provides you with the freedom and the flexibility to apply the brakes to whichever side you want when your child needs to come to a stop.

This muddyfox full suspension mountain with its 22-28inch leg size makes it ideal for your child as long as the height of their legs falls within the bicycle’s height range. This feature makes it possible for your child to enjoy a ride with comfort and ease.

It has also been equipped with a GT legit system. This is to enhance the bike’s positioning better and to improve on pedaling as well as speed. The gear system consists of a Shimano six-speed twist grip gear. The twist grip gear is important when your child has been cycling fast and has to come to a quick stop. With the 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels, you can be sure of the stability and grip on the road.

The Muddyfox 20″ Download Full Suspension Mountain Bike weighs about 13kg, which is ideal for the age range it was built for. Now you kid won’t have to scream your name whenever he or she wants to take the bike out of the house.  

The saddle sits comfortably on a double plastic chainguard. The chain guard protects the legs from injuries that could occur if the legs ever came in contact with the chain.

Customer satisfaction

The Muddyfox 20″ Download Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a rather fantastic bike for both boys and girls. The blend of black together with the beautiful frame decals means both boys and girls can enjoy the aesthetics of this product.

It is intended for slightly older children between the ages of 8 and 11. All of it is well put together, and the parts fit seamlessly to give you the smoothest ride possible. And best of all it can be assembled in mere minutes. The perfect mountain bike for your child.

Common questions

Is the bike easy to use?

Absolutely. The full suspension system absorbs more shock so your child can enjoy the ride to the fullest. Your child can ride this bike in any environment, both on the road, and off the road – parks, fields, dirt tracks – terrains. The wide knobbly tires also give it stability and security to prevent your child from falling off.

What do I do if some parts aren’t available in the package?

If that ever happens, there’s nothing to worry about as it can be quickly rectified. Chances are they accidentally left out the part. A quick phone call to the team that delivered the item or the main desk and you’ll get all the information you need to resolve the issue.

How long will my child use this bike?

The bike was designed specifically for kids between the age ranges of 8-11, and as long as your child falls under that bracket, it’ll take them a while to outgrow it. That means your child can enjoy this product for as long as four years. However, if your child has a rapid growth spurt, that duration might be less.

Advice using Muddyfox 20″ Download Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Before you let your child go out riding on her Muddyfox 20″ Download Full Suspension Mountain Bike, check to make sure that all of the parts are working efficiently to prevent any accident from happening. Also, check both tires to see if anyone one is deflated. If it is, take immediate action before letting your child have his or her fun.


    • The 20-inch wheel makes it very easy to use and even easier to maintain.
    • The full suspension design gives you a smoother ride as the front and back can travel up and down to absorb the forces of obstacles that strike the tires.
    • The color design of the bike together with the decals makes it perfectly suitable for both boys and girls.

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