Are you bored with your ordinary bike? Do you find it plain and simple?

Are you searching for an amazing drive with your dream bike? Then, there is one bike that you will love to have.

The muddyfox Molotov 26 is a great full suspension bike for satisfying rides.

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Whether riding for leisure or on cross country trails, this suspension mountain bike will take care of the bumps and shocks, causing you less fatigue and keeping you in control. This great bike features 21 shamino gears, dual disc brakes and has an alloy frame.

This suspension bike has a dual frame brake. It has an alloy brake levers. This suspension bike has tires best for all types of roads. It also has the main drive cover cog. The best thing in this suspension bike is that the wheels are double wall alloy.

It also features suspension forks and a weather resistant vinyl. The material used is the best type for alloy cycling.

It is a great mountain bike type with 21 gearing speed which is shimano gearing for impact resiliency and a turning speed that can really swipe your breath away. This suspension bike is best for everyone.

The muddyfox Molotov 26 is considered a dual suspension bike for mountain bike flagship. It means that is great for driving and using over rough terrain. The muddy Molotov 26 is a dual suspension mountain bike which has black and cerise designs.

This suspension bike has front and rear disc brakes ensuring effectiveness in controlling over the 26 wheels. The sizing is so intensive and the suspension is a so cool to set up. It is everything in the muddyfox Molotov 26.

It is perfectly tight, so reactive and most especially effective. You will never forget every moment of your driving and biking with this dual suspension bike. On the other hand, the tough alloy 18 frame is very strong and offers durability. This would require a self-assemble way.

The muddyfox Molotov 26  features a dual suspension frame which means it can go through hardcore and hard tail.

The good things you may consider here are affordability, the skill level, terrain and somehow fashion or the design when choosing the best dual suspension bike for you.

This would give you the best feeling ever using the suspension bike riding on trails. Absolutely, the muddyfox Molotov 26 is one of the best dual suspension bikes in town.

Customer satisfaction

When it comes to valuable and friendly cost mountain bikes, the Muddyfox Molotov 26 would definitely give you the satisfaction to the highest level. We all know that most people would have to spend so much money on bikes especially bike lovers.

But the truth is the real mountain driving and biking is so hard on bikes. So you have to choose the best bike in the market that would fit your needs in mountain biking. Spending on bikes in so many amounts really matters.

And most of the time, customers sacrificing the price just to purchase and own a wonderful bike like Muddy Molotov 26 dual suspension bike.

Common Questions

Why a suspension mountain bike is better than other types of bike?

Suspension mountain bikes render a shocking absorbing front and a great rear system. They offer more travel and are made for tougher, steeper and more technical terrains.

Another is having a total suspension built system can help the wheels track the soil better than the other type of bike. When you drive down and you pump through the bike, the wheels have the ability to grasp the trail and smoothly roll.

Likewise, a suspension not only can help dampen the rougher trail but also can improve the handling of the bike as a whole as you go along the rocks. This means that suspension bikes are better –handling.

The suspension bikes offer comfort and great speed. With great rear suspension that absorbs shocks and hits, the body will not get pounded as so hard by the trail.

The speed of suspension bikes makes the combined extra traction and bump shock absorption which makes the speed amazingly fast on the trail and hills.

How to maintain the quality of the Muddyfox Molotov 26?

The best way to maintain the quality of your bike is to have the best tune up for your bike. Also, make sure that you all have the complete tools for repairing and maintaining your bike’s look.

You should have some spare tube, tire livers, pump of course, patch kit and multi tool. In that way, you will be able to retain the quality of your bike anywhere and anytime.

How much does a good mountain bike cost?

Most modern bikes may be costly. These bikes are great and superb. But there is no need to allocate such amount just for a bike.  You may have one in just for less price. This would be a good mountain bike that may feature durability, strength, speed and comfort.


  • It possesses the feature that is great for driving and using over rough terrain, which is very ideal for intensive biking.

  • A great mountain bike type with 21 gearing speed which is Shimano gearing for impact resiliency and a turning speed. You may enjoy the resulting speed which is a great feature.

  •  can offer great satisfaction when it comes to its durability, affordability, and design.

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