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Muddy Fox/ silver fox bike is a bicycle manufacturer in Basil Essex, who specializes in mountain bikes for male and female and other flat bar bikes including silver fox bikes. The company produced BMX in the 1980,s before the depression which forced them to move to producing ATVs. Fox Muddy left the production radar in the mid nineties.

The company has been a universal cycling brand since 2001  One of the most famous mountain bike brands in the world with 25 years of experience. Fox Muddy can claim the first brand of mountain bike in Europe.

Throughout the 80s and 90s Fox Muddy was the bike to have. It was still leading the pack and most often the leading brand of how to bring new ideas to the sport. It was Pioneer in the development of product wheels, including motorcycles and accessories for bicycles, scooters, skateboards and apparel, the Fox Muddy brand also offers a range of unique bikes designed specifically for women.

The Fox Muddy Racing Team has always played an important role in testing and developing new products and boasted of a number of elite drivers including Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton and Dan Stan bridge to name a few.

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Benefit/ Features

  • One of the several features of some Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike is that they posses easy click gears on their hand grips. Suspension forks and a great off reader. They also come with helmet, lights, lock and pump.
  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike are wonderful and really sturdy, they show great craft man ship in the manufacturing of their bikes and it’s definitely easy to build and obviously of great and high quality compared to other brands.
  • Both at home on or off the road, the Fox Muddy and the silver fox bike are lightweight and some are also hybrid bikes designed with commuters and leisure cyclists in mind.
  • Some other Key features of Fox Muddy/ silver fox bikes include the following which makes them stand out from other bike manufacturing firms:

Most Fox Muddy/ silver fox bikes have different features for example some have a Front & Rear Prom ax Alloy V-Brake, adjustable Head Handlebar Stem, alloy Kickstand, Alloy Rigid Front Forks, and alloy Back Swept Handlebars.

Some others posses a 21 Speed Shimano Altus gears with Shimano Altus E-Z Fire Shifters, Sun tour Chain set, alloy Pannier Rack, alloy Kickstand, Front and Rear Mudguards, Selle Royal Gel Comfort Saddle, Lightweight Alloy Hybrid Bike Frame, 21 Speed Shimano Acera Gears with E-Z Fire Shifters, Sun tour SCE Alloy Chain set.

Customer satisfaction

  • Some customers, who bought for their kids, had this to say about the Fox Muddy and the silver fox bike, saying that the bikes comes with disc brakes and dual suspension, and it also has a lightweight frame with a great color combination.


  • Some others also said that they found setting up the brakes very easy.
  • Another customer said that when he went on the bike he enjoyed the lightness and comfort of it so much so, that he bought himself one after Christmas. The brakes and gears worked well on both.


  • Others said it’s an excellent bike especially for the price. Front, rear suspension and disk brakes with 18 gears bargain!!!!!!
  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike have Good brakes although took some fiddling


  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike have a range women’s mountain bikes in which the gears are adequately effective but need some maintenance as can often slip.
  • It’s a very nice and beautiful looking bike with a high number of gears, and also a dual suspension.


  • Some said its very simple to assemble, everything was ready to go with the exception of the handlebars, front wheel, saddle and pedals, which were quickly added due to the excellent instructions and tools provided.
  • Once set up to personal taste the bike rides excellently, is smooth and quiet and looks good. Useful and adequate tool kit.


  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike have very sturdy bikes, great for everyday use and also for off road.
  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike has a range of women’s mountains bikes, and its good value for money.


Common questions

  • Do the Fox muddy/ silver fox bikes come with a warranty? And if so does it cover routine included maintenance? And if that’s the case what is the period of time in question
  • How do I know if a bike fits me properly?
  • Are the bikes durable especially women’s mountain bikes? Can it be used for doing good tricks and stunts?
  • Is it suitable for my 12 years old kid?
  • On request can the bikes come assembled? If I don’t want to go through the stress of assembling them?
  • Can the handle bar be adjusted?
  • I am 7′ and weight 130. What particular size of bike would be best fit for someone like me?


There are a lot of reasons why this bike is a must have but we shall name just a few:

  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike once set up to personal taste the bike rides excellently, especially the women’s mountain bikes.
  • It is smooth and quiet and looks good. It’s a Useful and adequate tool kit.
  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bike is good value for money.
  • Fox Muddy/ silver fox bikes are easy to ride.
  • It’s is good for boys or girls, men and women. It is a smooth and comfortable ride, the whole system is easy to maintain and is extremely easy to assemble on first delivery as it is almost complete when unpacked.

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