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Mont Blanc Roof Rush

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Mont Blanc Roof Rush

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Good Quality

Barracuda Are A Respected Bike Brand

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Mont Blanc Roof Rush

If you are in the search for the best bike feature for your child, this is the time to stop and take a look at this amazing Mont Blanc Roof Rush in black colour. It can be used for different types of bikes and does not require any electrical connection.

It fits the frame dimension and the maximum numbers of bikes that can be suited on it are 2 on each. Mont Blanc calls this model the Barracuda, but recently it was rebranded as Mont Blanc Roof Rush, so as the name indicates to us it is a roof bar mounted bike carrier that will fit to most of the roof racks.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Mont Blanc Barracuda Twin Cycle Carrier

Mont Blanc Roof Rush

Maximum assembled weight is 4.4 kg. It is easy to install it and has different and specific design from the other carriers. If your not used to assembling bike carriers it may be worth getting a second pair of hands.

Like the most mounted carriers of roof type, Mont Blanc Roof Rush can be available in double pack and single pack, so if there is a need to carry multiple bikes, you will have to get better value for your product and buy the twin pack.

Locks to the roof bar of the car by a clamp system and doesn’t require or need assistance of any tools. Easy to use and you will love it. The distinctive design in a pre-formed molding can also provide the best user experience while using it.

The plastic molding is formed in order to form a track where the wheels will sit in. Some of the customers think that can limit the tyre size, but it is completely recommended by the others.

It is made from chromium plated steel that contains UV resistant composite scoops. The Mont Blanc manufacturer also provides metal locks that can be purchased at affordable price. The clamping arm at the carrier can be switched from right-handed to left-handed and vice versa. You may like to read our article on are barracuda bikes any good?

  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 97%

”  The Mont Blanc Barracuda Twin Cycle Carrier Is Perfect For Transporting My Road Bike Up To The Lake District.” Charles


Customer Satisfaction

Customers are satisfied with the rack since a lot of their problems with the stationary of their bikes are solved. This product provides the best fitting for the bike with no damages caused. Satisfaction level is pretty high and the product is ranked with 4 out of 5 stars which mean it is very used worldwide and people are happy having it.

Check out all our other accessory reviews  My second time I have bought the barracuda cycle carrier as that are extremely hard wearing. They attach to the rails and quickly and hold the bike securely. Offers brilliant value and be assembled very quickly. The cycle carrier has some really good reviews and is manufactured by a well known bike manufacturer.

If you like to go bike riding  then the barracuda carriers are great for attaching your bikes on to your car so you can go on family adventures on your bikes and explore some hidden treasures. If your trying to encourage your family to do more bike riding the carrier is perfect. If a family member gets tired you can simply attach the bike to carrier and they can have a well earned rest in the car.

Why Should You buy The Mont Blanc Twin Cycle Carrier


Mont Blanc Barracuda Twin Cycle Carrier is easy to install it and might take you some time to fit it at the beginning, but with every next time you will do it faster and better. The rack is attached to the square roof bars and you need to know how to install it in order to get the best out of it.

It is much easier to operate with and there is a feature of special fitting that allows more security of the bike. The percentage of ease of installation is 70% and the Mont Blanc Barracuda Twin Cycle Carrier is of excellent quality of 80% of the overall product.

Allows fitting of the bike to each side by allowing the change of the fitting of the rack. The design does not limit the tyre of the bike and can perfectly fit in it. The recommended maximum size of a tyre would be 2.2 inches, not more than this. The clamp is attached to the down tube which provides the snug fit, so you will have no damage to the bike while fitting it in the carrier.

It is recommended to have large frame in order to store it better. The price is also one of the biggest advantages of the product since it is reasonable and if you are buying a single unit, the price might look a little bit high for you, but if you purchase the twin pack it would definitely be cheaper.

Common Questions

Among the most commonly asked questions are would the Mont Blanc Barracuda Twin Cycle Carrier  fit the kid’s bikes. The answer is yes, it can fit any bike with the maximum tyre size of 2.2 inches. So, you can use it for any bike without any problem.

“Is the product worth the money?”. It definitely is, and plus it comes in a twin pack for which you would spend less than buying it just the single product. You might even have a discount if you order it in certain periods.

“Are the plastic locks poor?”. They are completely fine and of the best quality, so you will have the perfect fitting of the bike.


Final Comments


Has some awesome reviews

Good security.

Mont Blanc Barracuda Twin Cycle Carrier offers great quality

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