Have you been wondering the best bike to buy for either yourself or your kids? Worry no more because the solution is right here. The new electric bike has arrived.

The MONSTER 20 – The Folding Electric Bike is the first ever fat folding bike. It is a 20 inch e bike that is powerful and folding. It’s also the most rebel bike with its features of 500W and 48V.

This bike enables the kids to keep up with the adults; they can tackle any terrain and explore the less travelled places. This kind of bike means that the kids will not be left behind on trails as they will keep up with the speed.


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The Monster 20 is a folding electric bike. It is advised for persons up to 2m high. It usually adapts to different heights according to how you would want it to be. It has a power of 500W- 48V- 12ah.

Its technical features include: the engines, on board computer LCD together with 9 high levels. It also has a maximum speed of 33km/h charger voltage, brakes and double display gears of battery charge. Its 52 teeth front plate includes a front light to ensure safety and security during cycling.

The MONSTER 20 – The Folding Electric Bike is suited with facilities that enable it to carry huge loads for longer distances. This is unlike the other ordinary bikes.

Therefore we are able to see its uniqueness coming out. It is also designed to suit all types of roads therefore its used in mountains, sands and snow.

Customer Satisfaction


The MONSTER 20 – The Folding Electric Bike is the perfect product ever. Its quality is shown by the packing itself. It has a high speed and can travel to far and hilly places.

They are also fitted with lights to facilitate easier and safer movements. Therefore you can use them at your preferred time. The MONSTER 20 – The Folding Electric Bike been of a very great help to the little kids that use it to travel to different places. It is suited with the brakes that are so very beneficial especially when you want to slow down.


Common questions


Would this bike be able to tackle the kinds of mountain roads?

This bike is designed to suit all types of roads and therefore it’s a super mountain bike for the mountain, snow and sand. Give it a try and you will be impressed.

Does it have twist throttle?

No, it does not have. The accelerator is an accessory; however we do not consider it because it reduces the warranty of the bikes because it destroys the useful life battery and motor.

What load can it maximally carry?

MONSTER 20 – The Folding Electric Bike is designed to carry up to the load of 150kg.its quite helpful to those who have it.

If I want to claim a warranty where can I send it to, is it to you or the manufacturer? Which country does the manufacturer reside? Can the throttle be lifted still?

In the case of warranty claiming, you need to send the bike to us, because we are the manufacture subsidiaries of the Amazon selling. But before we send it we usually check if there is any technical service that is nearer to the customer’s house.

In matters to do with the throttle, it just can be fitted but we don’t encourage it at all due to the fact that it destroys the battery and also motor. This is by reducing the useful life of battery and motor. This is the main reason why a bike that has fitted throttle will lose its warranty partially. The manufacturer origin country is the Spain.

Is possible for me to fit panniers?

Yes, it is very possible to install panniers on the bike. First, you need to install the pannier rack which is found in our accessories.

Is the throttle damaging battery and motor the only models in this particular or in all the other bikes even if it is already fitted with throttle? What battery does it really have?

The throttle usually has a bad effect to the battery as it damages it together with the motor and happens in all e-bikes. Our bike has the specifications of 48V- 10,4Ah Samsung litio ion battery.

Is it possible to fit the mud guards?

Yes it is very possible to fit them as they were also fitted on the bike at the factory. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.




MONSTER 20 – The Folding Electric Bike  is one of the best bikes ever, with high speed as compared to other bikes.

  • Its good value for money considering the fact that it can carry up to 150kg of items. That saves on money that could otherwise be used to transporting such. It also saves on energy.
  • It is suited with lights that enable good movement, therefore if you are looking for a bike to buy then why don’t you consider this with all it great features.

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