Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike



Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike


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Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike



The Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike Comes 100% Assembled.

Designed Specifically For The Road

The Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike Is Designed Specifically For The Road


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Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike


If you are a smooth and ingenious rider looking for a light weight ride that fulfils all the aero boxes, then Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike is a best choice for you.

Moda Sharp is a clean-cut and solemnly feather weight aero all rounder for smooth riders. Moda’s Sharp does not justify its name as; it is equipped with soft frame, wheels and even softer cockpit. It is company’s core principle that each and every bike will be assembled in UK. The bike is 100% UK assembled and is completely designed and tested in soil; as though the other brands, the frames are actually manufactured in Far East which comes with lifetime warranty.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Moda Mens Sharp Carbon Road Bike

The Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike has been designed with LDC High Modulus Carbon Frame & Fork with frame and fork weight 1570 lbs and 440 lbs respectively. The initial thing that you’ll notice is the cockpit and the wheel flex of the Moda’s Sharp. In addition to that it comes with American Classic Victory 30 wheel set which consists of 30mm rims and bladed spokes which makes it very light for the price. Uneven terrains and uphill are easily conquered without applying much effort.

Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike comes with Kenda Kaliente 700x23c tyres which makes it well built for the road and off- terrain giving you the perfect grip along with the stability. These tyres are low on traction and give you a smooth ride. It is built with Shimano 105 11 Speed gears which is topped off with Sram aero 500 shifters which is the considered most reliable one.

Barelli 6061 440mm base bar or handlebar are very flexible when turning around any corner or, when climbing any uphill. The Barelli road saddle needs to be adjusted according to the convenience. The saddle can be adjusted finely to obtain your optimum pelvic position. You can choose from the various sizes available according to your body compatibility.

It is fitted with Anon semi integrated type headset which allows you smooth turning over sharp turns. The braking system is really good helping you to drive smoothly through the rough terrains.

It is equipped with Barelli lightweight brake which works tremendously well in rough situations. They are of conventional design and are mounted conventionally with the cables running externally giving it a monochrome look. Also it is provided with external cable adjusters so that the rider can adjust the tweak tension while riding.

  • Features -91%
  • Value for money – 83%
  • Build Quality – 86%

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Customer Satisfaction

The Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike is a tremendous bike. It is perfect for those riders who are seeking the smooth ride for triathlon.

It comes handy and can be easily assembled and disassembled when required; it is designed in such a way that this process takes not more than few minutes to be done. It is durable with its manufacturing material as carbon; the carbon material here, also confers to it a new quality of being light weighted, this bike which we are mentioning about is mere 8.48 kilo gram which is much less as compared to other usual bikes.

Its features are worthy of the price that it charges from the consumers or riders; they are quite well, amazing, and jaw dropping. It is equipped with clever and lightweight accessories. The black and white color scheme gives it a monochromatic appealing and engaging look.


Common Questions

Is the Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike  durable?

Yes the Moda Sharp is a durable product. It is made up of or more precisely, is manufactured with high modulus carbon material that allows its durability to increase ten folds. It also makes it rust-resistive and lightweight. Tensile strength is also higher because of the use of such material.

What are sizes available?

Moda sharp is available in various sizes making it compatible with the body size of the rider. The sizes available are 48, 51, 54, 57, 60cm.

 Is the item easy to use?

Yes it is very easy to use Moda Sharp as it comes handy and can be assembled and dismantled very easily according to your needs in the least time possible.

How many speed gears are available in the Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike?

Moda Sharp is equipped with Shimano 105 11 Speed gears which enhances your experience of riding the bike. The gears shift very smoothly as it is fitted with aero 500 shifters.


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  • It is a good looking bike with more of an aerodynamic shape making it perfect for the triathlon racers.
  • Black and white color scheme gives it a perfect finish likely to turn around heads when you go out for a ride.
  • Moda Men’s Sharp Carbon Tt/Tri Bike is ideal for the bikers seeking for a lightweight bike with smooth experience. It is value for money as it comes with great features along with lifetime warranty for the Moda frame.