As a cyclist you will require a flawless multipurpose bike that would suit all activities. I am referring to a type of bike that you can use for leisure, work-outs and sports.

Mizani Arete, Mens Mountain Bike which is a hardtail bike with aluminium lightweight frame, is perfect fit to meet such needs. You will be able to ride responsively, that is, easily steer and cycle through mountainous paths as well as smooth roads.

This is a man’s bike, specially designed from the factory with masculine features. It is tough, strong, well equipped and reliable. You are sure of exploring the world around you while cycling safely. There’s no going back, because you will be addicted to mountain ride with this Mizani Arete bike.

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The Mizani Arete, Mens Mountain Bike possesses suntour suspension fork that mitigates the dangers one might encounter while cycling on rough paths. This same feature ensures safety and great comfort on every ride.

The bike’s frame is lightweight aluminum, strong enough for all mountain rides and plane rides. With reliable aluminum v brakes, you will be able to halt motion.

It does not matter whether you were riding slowly or fast, your level of speed before applying the brakes is irrelevant. You should know that the brakes can safely bring the bike to a sharp stop, without any hazard.

Shimano fire gear shifters with 21 speed capacity are installed on this bike. As a result, any cycler can confidently shift with speed and ease between gears based on the current riding terrain.

You should know that rough rides require easy gear, while smooth rides need hard gear. This is where the fire shifters play a major part to ensure reflex transitions between gears. The bike firmly grips the ground with a steady balance because it has got 26-inch aluminum wheels.

Mizani Arete, Mens Mountain Bike is very lightweight, because its frame is aluminum based, which is not heavy. Any average man can easily lift it up when the need arises, since it is lightweight.

The bike’s seat post and saddle have been excellently created to carry the weight of the cyclist securely while maintaining balance on every ride. Leg measurements stipulated are to be cautiously followed to have a terrific biking experience.

The manufacturers also installed shimano front derailleurs with corresponding back derailleurs too. Freewheel system is in place with shimano 7 speed freewheel for very fast ride and shifting. This is mountain riding at its best for all males from age 12 and above. Let the fun begin!


Customer Satisfaction


The Mizani Arete, Mens Mountain Bike is an amazing bike for men, starting from age 12 to even 70, as long as they can ride. It promises to add leisure and adventure to sports and exercise.

You will be able to navigate restfully through the mountains and the planes because of the effective suntour suspension fork fitted. Reliable fire shift gears, and strong all aluminum frame guarantees successful cycling everywhere.

Every feature was strategically manufactured to give men unforgettable mountain rides at all times, all over the world. Masculinity is unveiled in its perfection, vividly displayed in the way every fragment was fabricated.

No detail was omitted while this cycling master piece was formed in the factory – it is indeed flawless. Unpacking and assembling is as easy as packing your bag or playing a video game. All that’s needed is outlined in the manual and can be finished while following few easy steps.

Mizani Arete, Mens Mountain Bike is very durable; it can be painlessly maintained, lasting longer than other bikes. The body frame is made of aluminum which is strong, its seat post, wheels and many other part are also sturdy.

Hence, the bike is rugged, the best choice to ride on hilly places. It will make an excellent bike for male cyclers who are interested in fun-filled leisure while they ride. Move up and start riding on high places with this men’s mountain bike.

Common Questions

Is the item durable?

This bike is extra tough than others. It can be cycled on all paths, in all places, just because it’s a highland bike. This cycle is made up of aluminum and alloy frame all round, it is resilient and rugged enough to last long.

How much assembly required

You will need less than 20 percent of fitting to do. The cycle has previously been fitted to about 80 percent before now from the factory. After you buy it, they will ship it pre-assembled, almost completely fitted. You may like to read our article on Kryptonite bike locks. 



  • The bike’s aluminium frame comes in colour red, very bright for mountain ride. This colour goes well with male cyclers.
  • It has very powerful linear brakes and sharp fire shift gears to always assure one of a safe ride both on hills and planes.
  • With this you will get good quality for your cash and also have a perfect blend between exercise and fun while cycling.


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