There are classics in life that simply do not go away or stop, that is why they are called classics. Classics in music, books, novels, writers, and so much more. Trends come and go but the classics are a constant in our lives so that they create an anchor for us to build on, a stability that we would otherwise find hard to live without.

If we take a classic bike model, not just in style but in looks and design then, we add some smart additions – speed settings, gears for speed adjustments and more. This is a bike for all purposes and combined with the advantages and attractions of its modern counterparts.

This is the Mizani Ar3 Men’s Road bike, a lightweight and versatile bike for cycling and for those everyday excursions that need a quick run with the bike.


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  • Mizani Ar1 Men’s Road bike has a light aluminium frame with rigid steel fork for precise steering.
  • A 14-speed shifter as well as caliper brakes for controlling stopping.
  • The racing rims are aluminium and the tires are 25mm with alloy hubs.
  • Wide road bars and an alloy ahead stem and a coordinated saddle.
  • Toe clips on the pedals and lightweight components.
  • Colours are black and blue.

Benefits/ Features


  • Mizani Ar1 Men’s Road bike is designed to be a bike that you could commute to work with or simply get into road cycling.


  • Its lightweight mixed with the steel inserts give a combination of strength form the steel plus the advantages of aluminium – no rust, light, strong, clean lines, beautiful.


  • The Mizani Ar1 Men’s Road bike is a bike for anyone and comes in three sizes – 53cm frame suitable for leg range of 31″ to 35″, 56cm frame suitable for leg range of 32″ to 36″, 59cm frame suitable for leg range of 33″ to 37″ (inside leg measurements)


  • What is astounding being that the whole bike weighs only 12 Kg

The speed adjustment factor is indispensable so that it could cover a large age group


Customer satisfaction


Usually, it is an accepted fact that where one person likes a product the other will not. In the case of the Mizani Ar3 Men’s Road bike the likes far surpass the dislikes and that is mainly attributed to the combo of lightweight and steel strength. Some comments:

A young newspaper distributor says that he had had qualms about investing in it, but he just couldn’t resist the simple lines, sleek, and strong. “Months later, I joined college and I still work early in the morning. The bike is so durable I have not yet needed any maintenance. It is a blessing”.

A medical student needed a bike for commuting and he wanted to make sure that he was never caught in the traffic jams of New York. Using maximum speed for going to and from med school, it saves time and is easy to carry up and down in his building.

Among its sister bikes that have all types of accessories this bike had clean lines and an unassuming appearance, but this father of triplets bought it just for running errands and he still cannot imagine that he would have gone for the more colorful options in the market.


Mizani AR3 Mens Road Bike



Frequently Asked Questions


I am a woman and I have never had a taste for women’s bikes, but I like to exercise every morning using a strong bike, is it suitable?

Yes, and for your comfort, you can choose the size that suits you.

How can I get the right size for me if I order it online?

Just take your leg measurements and buy accordingly, better yet try to go to a store and see it for yourself.

I run a delivery business for my neighbors, and I want a bike that is fast and strong, and I want to know if the Mizani Ar1 Men’s Road bike is as strong as some people have told me?

Mizani Ar3 Men’s Road bike is very strong and light as well. Lightweight strength is the defining factor of this bike. Read our review of the Kryptonite bike locks article. 





As we have been saying the Mizani Ar3 Men’s Road bike is a classic bike in design and style. Actually, it has all the makings of a strong, durable as well as light bike.

We can conclude that its lightness due to the use of aluminum has aided in giving it lightweight speed and for fear that it might not be strong enough the forks were made from steel and only its use can prove how good a bike it is.

It is a bike for cycling, commuting, exercising and so much more. Coming in 3 sizes means that it can be for teens to adults and still give the same advantages even though the needs may be different.

Cycling on your Mizani you will enjoy your bike, enjoy your rides and get fit while doing so, get off the couch and go for those fitness rides!

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