I am a tall man with an athletic, muscled build and I like biking especially in the mountains with my friends. The problem is that it is hard to find a bike, a durable bike; that I can rely on to take me into the mountains. A strong, sturdy bike that is not too heavy or cumbersome.

Inspiration hit when a friend of mine mentioned the Men’s Boss Carnage Dual Suspension 27.5″ 650b Mountain Bike, a friend of his had bought it and was over the moon with it.

Since these men were among the group that would head with me into the mountains, it seemed logical that these guys knew what they were doing. I was at first rather surprised that the model is actually just 27.5 inches, but once I understood that it was designed for the mountains, I was all for it.

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Features of the Men’s Boss Carnage Dual Suspension 27.5″ 650b Mountain Bike are quite a long list, but they are as follows:

  • The latest 27.5” inch wheel size around a full suspension with front and back breaks.
  • 21-speed adjustments suitable for multiple purposes
  • Strong double wall alloy wheels with 2.1” width tires
  • An A-Head stem with a riser handlebar.
  • Supplied with rear and front mudguards.
  • Front and rear derailleurs and a rear freewheel.
  • Bright red eye-catching graphics.
  • Powerful and responsive braking is achieved by a cable operated mechanical brakes.
  • Suits leg measurements: 71cm to 84cm. Ages from 12 to adult well-built and tall.


After I went on my trip into the mountains with my friend, I can safely vouch for the benefits of the Men’s Boss Carnage. The bike was able to handle my considerable length and weight.

The dual suspension made riding it quite easily, while the steel frame gave strength and reliability. It is an all-season bike; an evergreen and it is eco-friendly. Men’s Boss Carnage Dual Suspension 27.5″ 650b Mountain Bike is a man’s bike in all meanings of the word.

Customer Satisfaction

Once you have decided what you want to use your bike for it is easy to make a choice. And the Men’s Boss Carnage Dual Suspension 27.5″ 650b Mountain Bike is a good choice. These are some customer comments:

  • I used the bike for the mountain trip and I am going to buy one for my son and my nephew.
  • As a mother, I like to know that I bought a strong bike for my teenage son, a bike that I do not have to service every few days. The Men’s Boss Carnage Dual Suspension 27.5″ 650b Mountain Bike filled all my requirements and the bike is just unbelievable in its strength and diversity.
  • My daughter is a tomboy and has been that way since late primary school. It has not helped her that she is tall and strong. She likes using her brother’s bike and leaves her own. It was a wise and comfortable choice to get her a strong bike and after I got her brother the Carnage, she was over the moon when I got her one as well. Haven’t heard her complain and she is happy.
  • I am an older man, but I am strong and on my feet all day. I needed a strong bike to keep me agile and at the same time rely on its speed adjustments when I am a bit tired of fast biking. It is also light in body so, it can be easily carried. I am thankful for it.

Frequent questions


Is it really a mountain bike and can I rely on it for a long hiking trip?

Yes, it is designed for that purpose, all you need is to adjust the seat to its most comfortable setting for you and make sure your bike is in its original state. The lightweight and heavy duty are a great combo.

Are the breaks strong enough for a down mountain-side ride?

It is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, they are powerful and responsive and made specifically for mountain rides.

I am still a beginner, is it a good choice?

It is an appropriate choice for beginners as it equipped with all that a beginner could need. It can be used for the purpose of beginner level cycling as well as mountain biking. You may like to read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.




From my personal experience during my trip to the mountain, I have not regretted my choice of bike one iota. I have also observed my friends who had the same model and I came up with the same results.

Of course, there were others who had equally strong bikes but much heavier. And there were those who had models that gave them some trouble and they needed help.

Ever since that trip, I have used the Men’s Boss Carnage Dual Suspension 27.5″ 650b Mountain Bike in town for errands and for normal cycling and it is a bingo. I am planning on going hiking with my family as soon as I get them each a bike like mine and my son’s.

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