Bikes are an essential part of every kid. If you are a parent and want your kid to stay healthy. Then you need to buy a high-grade safety bike for him. Mafiabikes BB Kush 16 inch Child’s Kid’s BMX Bike is one of the best choices to buy.


With this bike, your child will have a better time. Even you can spend quality time them by racing and do normal bike stunts. There are many bikes on the market, but this bike offers better performance compared to other bikes. You can select this as your child’s maiden mountain bike.


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Benefits or features

Mafiabikes BB Kush 16 inch Child’s Kid’s BMX Bike is definitely your number choice for your kid after reading about its features and benefits. The bike has a Frame Size 16 inches. Which is integrated with the Hi Tensile strength Frame system to provide proper and smooth riding for your kid.

Most of the bikes have normal brakes but this bike has Powerful V-Brakes to get good control over roads, slopes, and terrains. The forged front alloy stem with a front loader. It also comes with an adjustable V-brake. You can use this system effectively.  The alloy material will give better look and performance.

The materials used for bike Chain is KMC Steel. Because of this, you will have smoother revolutions on the tyre. It also has FAT tyres for a better connection. Massive street tyres are provided with the alloy rims to increase the durability.

Mafiabikes BB Kush 16 inch Child’s Kid’s BMX Bike is suitable for a female and male child. It has big bars along with the 24*9 gearing system. It has high-quality grips and tapered forks for better control over the bike.

It has KMC Chain guard system. The bike has one piece of the forged crank. Handlebars on the bike have BMX Steel. Wheel Size of the bike is 2.3 inch. The material used for the saddle is plastic. 16-inch sturdy steel metal frame gives good strength the bike.

The tiny measurement of 14 mm proper dropouts with 7-inch rise bar system with a 25-inch width. The Kraton grip is very smooth and it feels good. It is suitable for children’s between age five to 10. As the weight of the product is mere 13 kg, it will increase the stability.

Customer satisfaction

Male kids will definitely love this product. As the product has a beautiful looking black, red, yellow and green combination, it gives a feel of richness. It is very easy to assemble the product. On arrival, you will see set of components.

All you need to do is find the right tools to fit all the accessories in right spots. The metal and the plastic coating helps in maintain bike for a longer period. Roadside riding was good.

The control and fat tyre option made it easy as you can use your bike o different surfaces. The price to quality ratio is good. My ten year old can ride the bike without any issues. The bike does not make any kind of squeaky noise.

The material, peddle and tires are of good quality. It can last for a good time. I think my kid will outgrow it but still, it will assist him with a bit of adjustment here and there. Out an out, the bike is a steal at the good price.

Mafiabikes BB Kush 16 inch Child’s Kid’s BMX Bike has a very good design, feel and the look.

Common questions

Is this bike durable?

Yes, it is durable. If you look the material used, it will convince you. The high-grade tensile steel and frames with a plastic seat and peddle are very good. It will hold your entire bike together. The tyres are of good quality as well. Hence, they are durable.

Are the spare parts available on the market?

There will be no need. The Mafiabikes BB Kush 16 inch Child’s Kid’s BMX Bike has high-quality material, which lasts very long. Even if you have any problem with the material, you can find them very easily. The spare parts are available. They continue to be available. You get road riding kits free of charge.

What are different safety measures?

It is very important to check the parts for any damage. Then fit the all the components properly with good tools. Go for a trial ride. If it has, any sound and vibration then refit again. Check out our bike lock guide helpful




  • The bike gives a better result than its price. The bars, forks, and rims are of good quality.
  • The bike has high quality, tough and long lasting fat 2.3 inch Tyres, for extra grip keeping you on the road or on the track. The Kraton grip is very smooth and it feels good.
  • The bike has a 16-inch steel frame and is designed to deal with wet and muddy off-road terrain. This will help the kid to maintain his path and pace.

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