Lombardo Women’s Rimini Single-Speed City Bike




Lombardo Women’s Rimini Single-Speed City Bike


Lombardo Have A history Of Designing Bikes That The Cyclists Can Be Proud Off.

Lombardo Women’s Rimini Single-Speed City Bike

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Lombardo Was Founded In 1952


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Lombardo Women’s Rimini Single-Speed City Bike


The first step to buy anything, which should be considered for the very first, is to browse and search for the required thing that is most suitable and also that fulfills one’s need but to search the information could become a frustrating work.

There are several options that are available at different prices but to search the one which satisfies one’s requirement is the only mystery that is needed to be solved.

There a lot of people who wish to have a bike; such that it would have better features and would be within an aggressive price ranging. For them, here we have brought one of the most prestigious bike-seller companies, i.e. “Lombardo”; it has introduced its products to fulfill their customer’s needs and assure them to provide that within a proper budget so that they may have their money fully invested and utilized.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Lombardo Womens Rimmi Single Speed City Bike

The highlighted specification of Lombardo Women’s Rimini Single-Speed City Bike (Rimini) is given below-


  • Ladies/Girls Bike(important)
  • Material used- Steel
  • Available in Colors- Green, White (Glossy), White, Fuchsia (Glossy).
  • Low height or step frame up to 17 inches.
  • Promax V Brakes(Alloy)
  • Almost Completed up to 95 % very minute things to be required while unboxing to make it perfect for a complete ride.
  • 26*1.50 size of wheel and the also made up of alloy.
  • Frame size- 26 inches monotube.
  • Single speed/ 18 teeths.


The Lombardo Women’s Rimini Single-Speed City Bike (Rimini) comes with a lot of features inherited in it; the detailed information regarding its built quality and their standards of manufacturing is given below which is a helps to understand the terms and also helps to choose this bike and make this in the first on buying list.


The first and very important thing in Lady Type bike is its frame size because the large frame size comes with some insecurity for women; that’s Lombardo has developed a typical 17 inches sized frame bicycle, to make it easier for girls to ride the bike without any fear or insecurity. The Lombardo/ Rimini has a 17 inches frame which is made up of fine quality of monotube Steel which provides a specific strength to the frame; and also, the fork is made up of steel having the size of 26 inches.

The seat post/seat base of this bike is also made up of alloy and has comfortable leather placed on the top of it. Apart from that, the handle bar is made of a good material and termed as Promax Trekking by Lombardo itself and has a rim of size 26 inches; moreover, its tires are well gripped and the brakes has a mechanism of V- braking system and the installed with braking system which is termed as Promax V-brakes. The driving paddle is made by MTB and they have perfect for this bicycle.


  • Build Quality 97%
  • Customer Satisfaction 92%
  • Brand Score 90%

” I Have Been Looking For A City Bike For The Commute To Work, The Lombardo Rimmi Makes The Commute To Work More Enjoyable.” Jane


Customer Satisfaction

Therefore the Lombardo Rimini is one of the best choices to choose for your sister, wife or for your daughter; it has almost everything that a Lady bike should have in it. There is an age, particularly mentioned in the description of this cycle, i.e. only girls of age above 7 years can ride this bicycle but that is not it; there are no particular restrictions. Therefore, it could be concluded that this is one of the most astonishing lady bike in the market that anybody can make a wish for.


It is one of the best lady bikes in terms of conferring comfort. It becomes evident for the rider while riding the bike; there is no compromise made in terms of its comforting features. The Lombardo Ladies bike (Rimini) comes with various specifications and features which makes its affordable price very unique and less, in comparison to the


Common Questions

Can a 9 year old girl is compatible for this bicycle?

Of course, the bicycle is fine for the kids to use; but the children must be first made to understand the usage of bicycle well as this is a standard cycle and may cause harm to the same, if not handled with care; moreover, if you are planning to give this as their first cycle then also this will be the perfect starter for them to gain confidence of riding bigger bicycles.

Is it for girls only?

No, this bike is usually for kids and it is not necessary for boys to keep themselves prohibited from its use; boys can also ride this bicycle. Moreover, its design is not gender biased; the boys who are riding this bike, needs not worry about using the same




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  • This is one of the best bikes for both: the one who has just begin riding the bike as well as for the one who has Advanced this technique of riding bicycles.
  • It is specially designed for girls but it is not mandatory that only girls will ride these bike boys can also do the same.
  • It is one of the safest bicycle available in the market, with best safety features.