Lombardo Alverstone 300 Mountain Bike

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21 Shimano Gears

MTB Step Through Frame

Alloy Wheels



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Amazing Four Star Customer Rating


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Lombardo Alverstone 300 Mountain Bike

It seems that everything is said when it comes to mountain bikes for men. However, Lombardo is still able to challenge the status quo. They released a new Italian design that has proved to be a pleasant surprise for the most experienced users.

The Lombardo Alverstone 300 Men’s Lightweight Performance Bike states every word on its name with each detail on its design. We will go further to highlight the benefits, features, and the customer satisfaction of existing customers.

Then, we will go through the most common questions (and answers) to close with a conclusion. Should you get this bike? Keep on reading to find out.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Lombardo Alverstone 300 Mountain Bike

This is an Italian design that allows seamless driving. The advantages of buying the Lombardo Alverstone 300 bike are:

  • It has a light alloy fabrication that lets you step on it quickly.
  • It includes front shock absorbers that let you ride in the hardest roads as if you were on flat terrain. This is an exclusive design from Lombardo.
  • It is an MTB framed bike, which is essential for stability.
  • The 21-speed controls respond efficiently due to its Shimano design.
  • The wheels are made out of an alloy that gives them strength and lightness at the same time.
  • There is no need for complex assembly since it comes 95% ready.


All these benefits come with the following features:

  • 19 “aluminum frame.
  • Lombardo special alloy suspension fork.
  • 21 speed Shimano gears and shifters.
  • V-brakes.
  • 26” wheels.
  • Alloy rims (black profiled).
  • 2.1” stax tires.
  • Chainset made out of a resistant triple alloy.
  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Couldn’t Wait To Get My Hand On My Early Birthday Present. I Absolutely Love My New Lombardo Alverstone 300 Mountain Bike.” Chester

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are satisfied with the Lombardo Alverstone 300 Men’s Lightweight Performance Bike. The rating of this bike is 4 out of 5 stars. Most people love that it was a good purchase due to the affordable price they got compared to other mountain bikes. The frame has a solid construction, and the design looks excellent. Few customers were expecting a lighter bike. However, they don’t complain about it, since it gives them more stability.

People who purchased this bike had no assembling issues. They all agree that the bike rides well. The only complaint so far is that some users wished it had better pedals than it has. Since they are plastic, that is the only drawback you are getting from this bike. Other than that, you get an excellent product for the price.

Most users were amazed at finding such a high-quality product in an unknown brand. The people who purchased the Lombardo Alverstone 300 were looking to get something new. Most were experienced users that had other bicycles in the past. The pleasant surprise was to find a high-quality product marketed under an unknown brand.


Final Verdict


Even if Lombardo is not a known brand, it has proven it can bring to the market high-quality products. Here are some of our findings after analyzing all the information available on the Lombardo Alverstone 300 Men’s Lightweight Performance Bike:

  • The construction of the bike is strong, which lets you ride under the harsh conditions seamlessly.
  • The durability is excellent for leisure use.
  • Lombardo can surprise people who have never seen the brand.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a low-priced bike for men, the Lombardo Alverstone 300 Men’s Lightweight Performance Bike can be a good choice.

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Common Questions

Is the Lombardo Alverstone 300 good for kids?

This bike is an adult-sized product. If your child is at least 5 ft height, then it is a good choice.

Is the saddle comfortable?

The saddle is standard. If you want a more comfortable seat, you can change it for a cushion option. However, it may not be necessary since the Lombardo bump absorbing system helps to get a pleasant ride.

How do the 21-speed controls work?

The speed controls work perfectly. The Shimano technology makes them reliable and easy to use.

What is the shipping weight of this product?

The shipping weight of the Lombardo Alverstone 300 Men’s Lightweight Performance Bike is 17 kg.

Is it the ensemble easy to do?

Yes. The bike comes 95% ensemble, so there is little to do in there.

Do you need further adjustments to start using the bike?

No. Unless there was mishandling during shipping; your Lombardo Alverstone 300 Men’s Lightweight Performance Bike should be practically ready to ride.

Who is the Lombardo Brand?

Lombardo is a brand of bikes that comes from Italy. They have been building bikes since 1952, perfecting their designs and techniques to deliver high-quality products. The company was founded by Gaspare Lombardo, who was a passionate biker. This passion is the primary driver of the brand. Their mission is to deliver the dream of freedom.

Is this a good bike for leisure?

Yes, the Lombardo Alverstone 300 bike is perfect for leisure.

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