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Lankeleisi G650


Commuting by bike can be one of the best ways of getting around.  However, travelling long distances on a bike can be intimidating. Especially if the cycling enthusiast has had a break from exercising.  Sometimes individuals can be put off from even getting started.


The Lankeleisi G650 comes with an on-board motor that helps the rider travel much further.  Here are the main reasons why you should buy a G650


Go Further


Rides can say good bye to tired legs. The Lankeleisi G650 allows the rider to cover the distance without even thinking about it. 

Allowing the rider to sail along and help travel much further than on a traditional pedal bike.  The rider will be able to keep a steady pace over a long distance. A study in Norway found out that the electric bike riders travel twice as far as riders who own a pedal bike.




The Lankeleisi G650 can easily reach speeds of 20 mphs. Allowing the ride to get to their destination much quicker.

An added benefit of an onboard motor is that it allows the rider to pick up speed very quickly. Ideal for junctions, traffic lights and manoeuvring the G650 out of any sticky situations. 

The rider should spend some getting used to how the electric bike responds at different speeds.  Braking on electric bikes needs to be done more smoothly than a traditional bike.  To make sure the rider doesn’t go over the handle bars.




One of the main drawbacks of commuting on a pedal bike is that the rider will reach their destination tired and exhausted. 

One of the main benefits of electric bikes is that it takes the stress out of cycling and allows the rider to enjoy the journey.

The Lankeleisi G650 has been designed to go up hills and battle the unpredictable British weather.  There will be no need for the rider to worry about getting to their destination all sweaty and in need of a shower.


Keeping the Pace


The majority of cyclists enjoy cycling in groups. One of the main benefits of the Lankeleisi G650 is that on the onboard motor will allow the rider to maintain the pace with a group of friends or family members.

The cyclists doesn’t have to worry about losing their breath; and they will be able to hold a conversation. There will be no need for the rider to worry about going on a bike ride and having other people waiting for them.




A common disadvantage of riding a traditional bike is that the rider will only commute a certain distance.

The Lankeleisi G650 allows the rider to explore different areas in their local area without worrying about running out of steam.  

The extra distance that the electric motor provides will make sure the rider can complete the journey. The battery should be charged after every commute and never ran dry when possible.

 To continue our article of the Lankeleisi G650, we will no look at how to clean the Lankeleisi G650.


Maintaining the G650


Once you have purchased the Lankeleisi G650, it’s important to maintain the electric bike on a regular basis.  Getting into a good habit of cleaning the G650 on a regular basis will allow the rider to notice any wear, tear and get it fixed before it becomes a more serious problem.

A pressure washer should not be used as the water can get into the electric parts and cause damage to specific electrical parts of the electric bike. 

A garden hose is ideal for washing the G650. A sponge, cloth and a little bit of elbow grease will allow the rider to get the e bike as good as new.

To reduce the amount of resistance on the bike, sufficient lubricant should be applied to specific areas.  Wet lube for wet conditions; and dry lube for the summer.


Electric Bike Battery Care


The electric bike battery should be kept out of the unpredictable British weather were possible and kept in a dry place.   Charge the battery after every commute and never let it run it dry.


What can I use the G650 for?


Electric bikes can be used in the city. More towns and cities are incorporating cycling networks and parking locations to make it easier to commute. The onboard motor allows the rider to get out of any stickly situations quickly and safely.




The Lankeleisi G650 can be used for community to a variety of locations. It’s ideal for commuting to the local park, family fun days out or commuting to and from work.


Country Side


Exploring local country lanes and quieter roads is no problem for the rider. The on board motor allows the rider to travel further with more ease.  The Lankeleisi G650 allows the rider to travel to locations that they would not normally think possible on foot or on a traditional bike.


E Bike Common Questions


Why should you buy an electric bike?


Electric bikes are powered by an onboard motor and add pedal power. Allowing the rider to get around much quicker.  Avoiding traffic routes at a high speed than a traditional bike.   Check out the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Benefits of the Lankeleisi G650


Commuting uphill – travel up inclines easier and help them battle headwinds

No Sweat – Pedal assist will allow the rider to get to the location without getting hot and sweaty

Safety – Safely reach a high speed and manoeuvre out of any sticky situations quickly and safely

Joints– Riding the G650 will allow the rider to have less stress on the rider’s joints.  Great for the knees, hips and joints.

Ride together – the rider has no need to worry about keeping up with other cyclists. They will be able to keep pace.


Leave the car at home – save money on fuel, insurance and parking fees.


How much does it cost to charge the battery?


An electric bike costs around six to eight pence per mile. While the cost of travelling by car is around forty pence per mile.   Read our article on are electric bikes any good?


Can you get fit on the Lankeleisi G650?

Yeah, the rider is in total control on how much pedal assist to use and they can decide the level of the workout intensity.

A cyclist can you use a high pedal assist while going to work to avoid getting to work all sweaty.

On the ride back home, a lower pedal assist can help the rider get more of a workout.  To fully understand the main reasons why to buy the Lankeleisi G650 we will look at some of the best features of the electric bike


 G650 Metrics

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Lankeleisi G650



The Lankeleisi G650 electric bike has lots of high-end features that are a lot more expensive from competing brands. Offering the cycling enthusiast brilliant value for money. Here are the main features of the G650.




There are plenty of functions on the multi display. Allowing the rider to check the speed, battery level and the odometer.

Giving the rider full control on how much pedal assist to use. Having the multi display unit will allow the rider to plan their journey to perfection and make sure they get to the destination on time.


Lithium Battery


One of the main benefits of the Lankeleisi G650 is that is equipped with a powerful battery. The onboard motor is ideal for inclines, allowing the rider to accelerate out of sticky situations and travelling to destinations that they wouldn’t think where possible on a traditional pedal bike.




Lankelesi have equipped the Lankeleisi G650 with a pair of mechanical disk brakes. The main benefit of hydraulic brakes is that it allows the rider to quickly and safely perform an emergency stop.

Brakes on electric bikes are different on a pedal bike. The rider should spend plenty of time practising how the G650 reacts at a higher speed. Practising in a quiet stretch with no hazards will allow the rider to master how to handle the electric bike safely.  



  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 90%
  • Build Quality – 95%

Common Questions


How long dies the Lankeleisi G650 take to charge?


It takes around 5-8 hours to charge.


How many riding modes does the G650 have?

It comes with three modes. Full electric model, pedal assist and a manual mode.


What wheel size is the G650?

20-inch tires that offer the rider plenty of grip while travelling over a variety of terrain.


What type of frame does the G650 come with?

A 6061-aluminium frame. Aluminium is a lightweight material that is strong and durable and will offer the rider plenty of protection on the event of a bump or a scrap.


How many levels of pedal assist has the G650 have?

It comes with five different levels.


What is the maximum loading capacity?

Approximately 120 KG


How many gears does the G650 have?

Shimano seven speed. Giving the rider plenty of options to change the pace of the e bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider.


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