The ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bike bicycle 6 speeds with Warranty is a bike that is specially designed to give women and girls a truly unforgettable experience in riding.

It comes with a feminine look and a wicker basket which makes it one of the most beloved bikes for the feminine gender. The bike would be a great addition to your household as both women and young girls can make use of it.

If you are in need of a bike for yourself or a female friend, you can’t go wrong with the ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bike bicycle 6 speeds.


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Benefits /Features


The ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bike bicycle 6 speeds comes with  basket that does a lot to lend the feminists bike a more feminine outlook. The basket can be used to carry small sized goods.

The bike comes with an adjustable double spring saddle to ensure the riders comfort while riding . The handle bars are also adjustable to create comfort while riding.

The ladies and girls spring Dutch Style  bike 6 speeds would last for quite a while because of the material used to make its frame. The steel frame on the bike ensures durability and quality which are the two things that people look for when in need of a new bike. Don’t search again, just get one of the ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bicycle 6 speeds.

The tires on the bike are puncture free to guarantee the safety of the woman or child riding it. This would prevent any accidents that occur as a result of a punctured bike tyre.

Also, it would drastically reduce the chances of being stranded on the road because of a punctured bike tyre. This bike totally erases these potential situations and provides optimum safety.

The bike also comes with the 6 speed Shimano gears to ensure a great riding experience.

The dual nature of the bike makes it a wonderful purchase as you can only get one for both your wife and daughter to use. It comes equipped to accommodate heights between 155 to 172 cm and provided that your daughter is within the height range, she can definitely make use of the bike.

The ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bicycle 6 speeds also comes equipped with a mud guard, a chain guard, a pannier, a basket, a kick stand, reflectors and tools to ensure that you have everything that you need without having to make any extra expenses and that the bike is fully protected giving the rider all the protection that they need.

The bicycle does not weigh much and this makes it faster especially when climbing on inclined terrains like hills. The easy weight also contributes to easy maneuvering and control.

Customer satisfaction


The ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bike bicycle 6 speeds is one bike that every household should have. It comes with extra protection and padding to ensure the woman’s safety as she rides.

The bike is comfortable and durable with all of its parts perfectly made and fixed. The aesthetics quality in the attached wicker basket has a nice touch to it and would certainly be loved by its riders.


Commonly asked questions


Does the bike come assembled?

No, the bike does not come fully assembled. It rather comes almost fully assembled, about 80% assembled. You would have to assemble other parts like the back pannier, the pedals and the wheel in the front yourself. That should not be a problem though and in case you don’t know how to assemble it, ask someone for help or watch a tutorial video on YouTube.

What do you do if the parts delivered to you are incomplete? The basket is missing.

The accompanying basket is not shipped immediately but would arrive later so you should not yet call the company to complain until perhaps 2 weeks has gone by.

What is the maximum amount of weight that the bicycle can carry comfortably?

The bike is a light weighted bike and can carry about only 17kg. Anything above that is risking the durability of the bicycle.

How big or small is the accompanying wicker basket?

The wicker basket is about 120 by 20 by 76cm.  Read our review of the Kryptonite bike locks,






The ladies and girls spring Dutch Style bike bicycle 6 speeds comes with a warranty that lasts for one year.

The bike can be used by both woman and female child provided the child is within the 155 to 172m height. This makes it a cost saving purchase.

All of the safety measures taken by the manufacturers such as the tire puncture protection makes this bike a good purchase as it reduces the risk of getting hurt or being stranded on the road.


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